Why you should not buy used apple cider press from a stranger

apple cider press Back in the days, before all the pop bottles and urban sprawls were invented, almost every farm used to have their own apple cider press. Apple cider is an unsweetened, unprocessed and a non-alcoholic beverage made from fresh apples. Since apples are not available throughout the year, we can have this fresh juice only during fall. However, some people freeze it for a use throughout the year. An apple cider press is a device that is meant for producing the apple cider. The question here is, is it worth it to buy a used apple cider press? In my suggestion, you just should not even think of buying a second-hand cider press for at least a couple of reasons we are going to discuss here.
Firstly, you may never know what for was the used apple cider press was utilized before you buy it. The people who used this apple cider might have used their device for things that you just simply cannot consume. It is common that we use an orange shaker for an apple, or any other way around. So people nowadays use their cider press not only for apples and whatever they use it for might be something that you could be allergic for or it could be something poisonous. What if that person is a drug dealer and he has been using his apple cider for drug production? Therefore, this is a reason number one why you should not buy an apple cider press from a person unfamiliar to you.
Secondly, even if the person used his cider press exclusively for apples only, the apples he used might have been spoilt. His apple garden might have been in attack of anything poisonous to the fruits. Now ask yourself a question, why suddenly an apple cider lover would want to sell you his cider press? The answers coming may never be good, so beware before you make a juice from a device if you do not know its history.
Reason number three why you should not own a second-hand cider press is because it is easy to build one by yourself. Instead of buying a used cider press that is potentially able to threaten your health, you should just simply bring one with your own hands. You can get a good detailed guide to build your own cider press online, there are several articles focusing on this.
You should beware of the fact that you can put your health under a huge risk by buying a used apple cider press from a stranger. And even if you do not have enough time to build one on your own, just simply hire somebody to do it for you. Even that will not cost you much money. We should never forget that health always comes before money. Therefore, do not save money for your own health!

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