Why you should never purchase any glass baby bottles for your kid

glass baby bottles Once you baby has passed the stage of breast feeding, you have to get him a milk bottle and let him drink his milk from it for making him getting used to be fed without his mother. Getting a proper bottle for your baby is very important in this case. Here we are going to discuss with you why you should never buy a baby bottle made from glass for a number of reasons, such as: it is dangerous, it is heavy for your kid and it is more expensive. We propose that you buy plastic bottles instead. Let’s see if after reading this article you will still want to purchase glass baby bottles.
Products made from glass are very dangerous, especially if the user is a small child. When glass breaks down, it might makes serious damages and worse comes to worse your baby might get cut very seriously. However, plastic bottles are very hard to get broken down and even if they do, there is a very low chance of getting damaged from them than from glass bottles. Thus, plastic bottles are much safer that glass bottles and this is the first and he biggest reason why you should not buy any glass baby bottles.
Next thing to discuss is about rising up your kid. Giving a glass bottle into your kid’s hands might be too heavy for him and he might end up dropping it down or even worse dropping the bottle on himself. As you do not want any accidents, again, you should better purchase a plastic bottle instead. Plastic bottle is a lighter solution for your kid and he will have better chances of holding it in his hands.
Last, but not least, the plastic bottles are much cheaper than glass bottles. Firstly, it is because the material itself is cheaper and secondly, it is easier to manufacture plastic products than those made of glass. As a buyer, you will be happy to buy a product that is cheaper, especially if the cheaper product makes much more sense than the more expensive one.
In conclusion, the glass baby bottles lose almost all the battles against the plastic bottles. It is not only cheaper, but it is also safer to get plastic bottles for your kids to store their milk. Bringing up your children is the toughest job that you face in your life, thus when it comes to this, make the good decisions and keep you children safe and away from any accidents.

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