Wheel horse tractors – high-quality control for your land

Wheel horse tractorsWheel Horse is a manufacturer dealing with the equipment for outdoor areas and garden zones as well. Lawn tractors and garden tractors are also in the list of his products. The headquarters of his company is located in South Bend, Indiana.
The history of his successful business begins in a small garage in Elmer Pond, 1946. He started his production with the construction of two-wheeled tractors for gardens. These tractors were sold under his name. The design of frame was including channel iron together with angle iron. Besides that he also used different parts from motorcycles and automobiles. In 1947 was announced as a year, when the tractor with a four-wheel drive was produced. The application of this model was also for garden area. The construction of this model also included same types of material and didn’t have a hood, whose absence was providing an easy access for service purposes.
As the time was passing, demand for tractors, which could easily handle garden zones, was increasing very fast. This was stipulated by the fact that owners of houses with gardens were describing wheel horse tractors as inexpensive, as well as very practical in sense of to usage for different types of works and also cheap in maintenance. After 10 years, in 1956 this business was already successful and was bringing a stable profit. After this huge success the company’s management decided to broaden the range of models and started producing both small and big wheel horse tractors for lawn and gardens. It was a very effective addition to already existing branch of riding lawn mowers. At that time the most famous model of horse wheel tractors was the R-J58 Wheel Horse 1958. The construction of it was not including mowing deck, but it was possible to install it.
The success of this company was very big and with time the demand for wheel horse tractors was growing very high and already by the end of year 1959 that company was not able to sustain the production rate at the desired level. The overall sales have resulted in the revenue more than $4.5 million.
The general management of the company noticed this breakthrough and decided in 1960 to include major changes in design of current models. Already by the end of this year the company has produced two new models of horse wheel tractors. Progress wasn’t staying at the same level. The company continued upgrading and improving and in 1965 another two new models of tractors were produced. The distinctive feature of these models was the hydraulic drive system. It was another major breakthrough, as these models were the first machines in the market, which were based on hydraulic system.
The products of this company have earned a very good reputation for it in the world and in the market. Nowadays the company is still developing and is using the modern, innovative technologies in developing, promoting and selling their products. Another step of improvement was made after opening the website. This was a very effective and useful step in development of company, as by opening the website the company has insured the worldwide access to its products. Website includes a wide list of products with the detailed descriptions of each model. Besides that visual aids are also included in the form of pictures. This increases the effectiveness of products’ promotion. Besides that, the website also provides an online and telephone support service, which can help any costumer in solution of the arising problem. The company’s website also provides the option of purchasing wheel horse tractors online. This broadens the company’s market and provides an ease of access to any type of products. Any wheel horse tractor can be purchased online and delivered to the point of customer’s current location. This saves customers’ time and makes a very good advertisement to the company.

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