What to look for in ping pong tables to insure you make a wise sporting investment

ping pong tables There are ping pong table industry standards and from paddles to nets themselves you’ll find a variety of them from several brands.

Just like tennis, the division of the ping pong table is a rectangle divided into four areas. Players have a net at the middle and hit the ping pong ball just like one does a tennis ball in tennis. Hence the name of table tennis and is known as that as the official sport. The rise in competitions led to the need for more designs and construction of the kinds of materials that were not only durable to play on but also lent themselves to fair play.

Rule and industry standards calls for a table of a width of 152.5 centimeters, a height of 76 centimeters, a length of 274 centimeters, a net centered in the middle with a height of 15.25 centimeters with a net overhang of 15.25 centimeters. By American standards it would be 9 ft long, 5 ft wide, 30 inches high and the net at 6 inches in height.

Nowadays Masonite is used for the table’s surface although some are made of other materials usually wood with a surface that allows for low friction or no-drag.

Choosing your equipment can make the difference between success and failure and in your investment in such a popular piece of sports equipment. There are standards regarding table tennis tables and you’ll have to check the rules. You want a table that meets the standard but also is able to withstand the rigors of play especially if you have newbie who may not have their balance or coordination in tune yet. The same goes for experienced players who take their ping pong matches seriously.

That first inspection should include not only a check for standard specifications but also for the performance of the ball when meeting the surface. There are guidelines regarding how much the ball should bounce, roll, etc. when dropped from specific heights. Also, a sharp eye in regards to any anomalies such as curves, warps, surface aberrations.

You’ll also need to check the legs for sturdiness and adaptability to whatever surface you’ll be placing the ping pong table on such as carpet, grass, or hard flooring.

Once all these issues are resolved you’ll know the price range you’re looking for and then you do the due diligence of shopping that makes you enthusiastic but practical.

That all being said, a wise approach and knowledge of the game and expectations of use as well as construction will make your future ping pong games the kind of events that will bring years of fun and entertainment. Not only can that but surprisingly, ping pong burn up tons of calories. It is not uncommon for people to work up quite the sweat and boost the heart rate making the sport an excellent choice for overall physical fitness as well as mental sharpness.

That’s one of the best reasons ever for finding those ping pong tables that can take the punishment but not hurt your wallet.

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