What stands behind plus size fur coats? Tradition or prestige

plus size fur coatsFur was the first material to be used by mankind for clothing about 30 thousand years ago. At those times it was the warmest and the easiest clothing material our ancestors could get. Today, humans have only few kinds of fur clothing and the most popular without question is fur coat. Let us look at the impact that plus size fur coats have on our society and the natural environment.
From century to century, the average body size of human beings steadily increases. Each year there are more and more companies and shops that offer their customers clothing of a size that is larger than the usual range. Any clothing items, including plus size fur coats, can be found and purchased at this kind of shops nowadays.
However, today a lot of people and non-governmental organizations are opposing the idea of people wearing clothes that are made from the animal fur. Moreover, the increasing popularity of larger size shops would require more animals to be slaughtered in order to supply the plus size fur coats manufacturers with natural fur. The people opposing the fur clothing mainly belong to Animal rights organizations and societies. The activists and volunteers would go on the streets and follow the fur coats wearers and try to put them to shame by carrying signs with provoking texts, such as “Skin of tortured animals!”
The animal rights organizations promote the use of artificial synthetic oil-based fur materials. This idea looks very attractive and is maybe the best possible solution proposed so far. However, in our society the coats made from the natural animal fur are considered to be much more prestigious and expensive. Probably, the high price is the key factor that adds an elegancy to this piece of clothing. And for the overweight people wearing a plus size fur coats might make them feel that they look exquisite and increase their self-esteem.
To conclude, plus size fur coats maybe viewed by some people as a symbol of human cruelty towards animals, but by others as a tool to distract people from one’s overweight, or a quick way of gaining public recognition.

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