Unleashing the myth that of “Does hair grow faster when cut?”

hair grow faster when cutYou may have heard of it so many times before that our hair grows much faster when we keep on cutting it. But is that really true? Have you tried that before? Or are you trying to make your hair grow faster? If you are searching for the answer to this question, here we are to give you the all the proofs whether the myth is real. Does hair grow faster when cut? Let us find it out by reading this article!
First of all this question can be answered very easily if you are a man and if you have a beard. If you are already experienced in shaving your beard day by day, then most probably you have realized that the older you are becoming, the faster you beard hair grows. Why could this be?! Of course because you have been shaving it more often as you get older. When you are younger and your beard has just started growing, you have to shave it off very rarely, once a week or even longer. But when you are getting older, you have to do that every day and it is all because your beard hair grows faster when you shave it more often.
You might wonder that the above opinion might not be as correct as we are dealing with the men’ facial hair only. However, it implies for any other hairy parts of your body too. Let us take the best example as the head hair, almost all the people have hair on their head. Some people when they are younger shave their hair off their heads trying to make their hair grow faster and to have more hair as well. Does it really work for them? Yes, indeed it does. After few times a kid shaves his hair, his hair starts to look very shiny, healthy and thick as if he was a grown-up. Yet, another point in favor proving that hair grows faster when shaved.
If you still do not believe this theory and you think that shaving is not same as cutting. Let us take the simpler example and consider people who do not shave their hair. Now think of baby hair, so short and grows so slow and compare it with the adult hair who never shaves his head, it grows so fast! Now are you still confused? Does hair grow faster when cut? You know it now!
Now that you have been proved that if you cut your hair, it grows faster, and you can solve the problem of your hair growing too slow. And if you do not want your hair grow too fast, you just don’t cut it too often. So does hair grow faster when cut? You help others to figure that out!

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