Tips for raising German shepard puppies to be happy and healthy dogs

German shepard puppies German shepard puppies are among the cutest you’ll ever see. If you come across one in the pet store you’re bound to be utterly charmed and want to take it home right away. All puppy dogs are cute, of course, but this one has a special charm. They have paws that are way too big for their bodies and their eyes are usually sparkling and bound to draw you in. Their fur is soft and silky and so much fun to caress and pet. They’re full of life and happiness and they will bring a smile to your face as you play with them. They can be used as guard dogs or as a faithful companion for you and your family. Whatever you choose to do with your pup you’re going to have a great experience as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

The first thing you need to do is avoid the pet store. A significant part of your puppy’s behavior and demeanor comes from his genetic lines. That’s why if you really love German shepard puppies and you want one for your own you need to look up a good breeder. Do you really want a dog that runs under the bed every time it hears thunder or wets itself every time you come home because it can control its excitement? No, you don’t want that. It’s a nightmare to have a puppy peeing all over the place or acting too aggressive simply because it was bred from an aggressive line. If you buy a pup from the pet store you have no way of knowing what its parents were like, despite what the people there tell you. They’re almost certainly lying to sell you the dog so ignore them.

Your puppy needs a place in your home he can call his own. This is an important element that most new dog owners overlook. Dogs in general, not just German shepards, like to feel safe and they can only do that when they establish a nest of some sort. This can be a corner of the room where you keep the dog’s bed, a crate or cage with a nice pad or blankets in it, etc. It needs to be a place where the dog can feel safe and protected. If you violate that space or move it around while the dog is still a puppy then you’re going to do some damage so you should avoid that if at all possible. It’s also important that you not yank your new puppy from its safe place. If you want it to come to you then coax it out with loving talk, treats, etc. The safe place must always be protected if you want your new dog to grow into a healthy creature.

This one seems obvious, but German shepard puppies should never be physically punished. In fact, puppies of all kinds should never be punished. Keep your hands off of them. It creates all kinds of issues when they grow up. Have you ever seen someone with an exceptionally aggressive dog? If you watch them long enough you’ll see that they display the same kind of aggression. They may display it towards the dog or towards other people. Either way, that sort of thing tends to be a learned behavior and you’ll be passing it on if you physically abuse your dog. If you get so angry at the puppy that you want to hit it then you probably shouldn’t buy one in the first place.

Along the same lines, you should never allow German shepard puppies to be attacked by other dogs. You need to protect your dog and show it that you’re in control and that it can feel safe. If your dog is attacked even once or twice as a puppy then chances are good it will forever be wary of an aggressive towards other dogs. This leads to all sorts of problems as you won’t be able to take the cute puppy out and the full grown dog certainly won’t be able to go anywhere. A German shepard is a big dog and if it has aggression problems then it’s going to hurt another animal or a person someday, which is the ultimate nightmare for a dog owner. If you’re responsible about raising your puppy it will grow up happy and healthy and you will be better for it. So will your family.

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