The thrifty rental car – worldwide known service company for economical car rental

rental carFor the tourist or business man travelling and working around the globe transportation is really important in place of arrival. For a backpack travelling it is useful to travel with public transport but when it comes for a businessman or travelling with family it is more convenient to rent a car. And thrifty rental car will be one of the good choices.
The thrifty rental car is one of the largest and successful car rental service companies across the globe. It offers the economically priced car for rent for leisure and business traveler in over 1000 cities around the globe. The thrifty rental car services are offered in most of the international airports in USA and it has partnership with Best Western, America Express, United Airlines and etc, which offer discount depending on the budget.
The foundation of the Thrifty Car Rental service company goes back to 1958. By the 1987 the company owned a status of publicly traded company. In the 1989 the Chrysler acquired the company, and in 1990 it was united with the Dollar Rent Company. The company with it franchises are located in 68 countries and in more than 1028 locations around the world. The thrifty rental car service company is considered as one of the most known car rental company in USA and Canada.
The most important mission of the thrifty rental car is to provide the economical affordable and convenient car rental service to the costumers all over the globe. So if you are the “Budget Conscious” person this rental service will fit for you. As mentioned above it has service almost in every major cities airport in USA. As soon as you arrive to your destination you may rent the car of your budget and taste.
For it costumers the thrifty rental car provides variety of car choices. You can choose any car depending on it price and types of the cars. There is variety choice of economical cars that might match your taste. If you are travelling with family or friend you can from variety of SUVs. There is also class of luxury rental cars for serious businessman or for affordable travelers. Costumers also may be able to choose the color of the car or the services of locations such as GPS and so on.
For the conclusion of the thrifty rental car it can be repeated that for economical affordable cars are provided for costumers.

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