The Original Mattress Factory makes the beds right there in the store

Original Mattress Factory The Original Mattress Factory is such a cool place because they actually build the mattresses in some of the stores. You can order something and then go and watch how it gets made, which is a novel experience and shows you just how everything comes together. Instead of your mattress coming from a foreign country and having to be shipped around the world you can watch it come together. You know what goes into an Original Mattress Factory queen because after you bought it you went and watched them put it together, which is really cool.

If you read Original Mattress Factory reviews you’ll see that the company has earned raves from its customers. Many of their stores are actually factories and if you have a chance to get a mattress from them then you need to go to one of those stores. You browse the show room looking for the right bed for you and when you find it you place your order and then you can go the factory and watch as its put together or one just like it is put together. The process is pretty simple and they have it streamlined so it never takes long. The folks that work at the Original Mattress Factory are talented and dedicated to producing quality goods that will give you a good night’s rest.

The novelty of seeing your mattress made would be worthless if it wasn’t quality, of course. That’s why the Original Mattress Factory reviews are so useful. They will reassure you that these folks make quality beds that will provide you with great comfort for as long as you own them. People feel relaxed and calm when they lie in bed and they fall asleep with ease. You should check out Original Mattress Factory testimonials if you’re in the market for a new bed. In truth, you should read and listen to testimonials when you’re buying almost any product that you’re going to have for a long time. It’s important to know what other people think of it, what the customer service is like, etc.

The Original Mattress Factory produces a wide variety of beds. They have all the sizes from twin to California king so you can get what you need. For each size they have six styles that offer different levels of comfort. In general, the more you pay the better the mattress is going to be. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, of course. If they put better materials into the mattress then it’s going to be more expensive. The cheapest twin mattress goes for $219 and the cheapest queen for $379. Those are good prices, especially since they’re comfortable. If you really want to shell out the most expensive queen goes for $1139. That’s pricey but it’s a different experience. You should visit an Original Mattress Factory store and lie on all the beds to see how the different options strike you as far as comfort.

You will find the occasional Original Mattress Factory sale so it’s worth looking for them online and in the paper to see if you can get a discount. Occasionally you’ll come across an Original Mattress Factory coupon that can be used to get you a discount if you’re concerned about price (and who isn’t?). If you’re willing to negotiate a little bit then chances are good you can actually get some money knocked off the price right in the store. They usually build in a little wiggle room and there’s really nothing more important to them than getting the sale so you can work it and get that discount. You can find all the Original Mattress Factory locations online by typing in your zip code and they’ll pull up everything around the country. They currently have more than 100 locations you can visit so there should be one in your area or somewhere nearby. If not, you can always check back after a while because this store is quickly becoming one of the most popular for buying new mattresses and they’ll be expanding rapidly to meet consumer needs.

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