The history, background and facts about montesa motorcycles

montesa motorcyclesMontesa motorcycles were started by Kim Kimball, who was later nicknamed as Mr. Montesa. He has a big and interesting history through turning his motorcycles into the legends of today. There was also his sister to start this business, a business that has always remained to be a family business. But what has made their business so popular? Through the years, they have planned and performed steps in achieving this success. Here we are going to discuss how they come up with this business, how they designed their models and also some facts about the Montesa motorcycles.
There was a great preparation for starting this family business. Before they did anything, they first researched about already existing popular motorcycles. As they say, you have to study history, to learn from your ancestors mistakes and do what they did good avoiding their faults. Same principle was followed by Mr. Montesa and his family. They learned how to do business through the experience of other people, they have followed the successful steps of the successful businesses and that is how they have come up with the best way of starting and maintaining a business.
Before designing their motorcycles, they have researched about motorcycle parts of already established brands, compared them and then came up with the best solution. By bringing all these parts together, they have come up with a great combination of different parts and that is how the Montesa motorcycles have become so successful.
A big wall consists of many small bricks, a sea consists of small single drops and a team is made up of by bringing more and more people into the team circle. That is how the Montesa business started, at first, they just started their business in a small garage, and then they switched to a shop. And when they had an opportunity, they have built up a factory. They took risks, started from a small department and then made a large organization from it. If you want to start your business that is what you do, you start a smaller business and then make it larger and larger as you feel an opportunity to do so.
In conclusion, anybody starts their business from nothing. Just like Mr. Montesa has come up with the Montesa motorcycles, if you have any ideas, you can make them come true by starting a small business and also learning from other experienced people. So if you are thinking of starting a business, just follow these simple steps and break a leg!

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