The Best Night Of Sleep I Ever Had Was On A Full Size Mattress

Full Size MattressAfter months of terrible tossing and turning, I finally found good sleep on a full size mattress.

Every morning for months I kept waking up with a stiff neck and a sore back. I was miserable. I am an internet searching fool and would spend hours upon hours looking for something that might be wrong with me. I found a zillion diverse websites with all types so called home remedies. Some told me to sleep flat on my back, while others told me to sleep right on my stomach. It was so confusing. I found one that told me to buy some sort of corn cob pillow. Now, I don’t need some crunchy pillow thrown onto my full size mattress to make my sleep sounder. In fact, the noise from that thing would probably keep me up all night.

I called my doctor and made an appointment that I couldn’t afford. A week or so later I hobbled my way into his office and told him of my months of restless sleep and painful days. He poked and prodded the way that most doctors do. He moved my head this way and that. He had me bend over front ways, sideways and backwards too. I kept hearing him mutter to himself and of course a lot of “uh huh” and “hmm” noises as well. About halfway through the examination, I just knew I made an expensive mistake by coming to this white coated, balding man. Mind you, he’s great when I have a sore throat or a cough that just won’t quit, but when it came to this, he was clueless.

I walked out of my doctor’s office no better off than when I walked in and in fact, I was about $150 poorer to boot. It was a total waste of time and the worst part was that I was still sore and tired. On the way home I decided to stop by the bookstore. I figured that if I’m not sleeping, maybe I could just read and expand my mind a little. I walked in and did my normal browsing, of course stopping over for a little cappuccino and a scone at the in-store café. As I sat there munching on my baked treat, I scanned the store. A book caught my eye and I was stunned. The title really isn’t important, but basically it was about needing sleep and how to get all you need.

I jumped, as well as I could with all my ailments, out of my chair and ran over to grab the book. I made my way back to my steaming cup of god nectar and began to read. It wasn’t long before I was smacking myself right in the forehead. I sat there feeling like a complete fool. After just a couple of chapters, I realized that it wasn’t the howling tom cats outside my bedroom window. It wasn’t the neighbor’s outside light streaming in my bedroom window. It was the fact that my full size mattress was too old. I just couldn’t believe how I hadn’t thought of the simplest of solutions. I needed a new bed.

I gobbled down the last bite of my sweet treat, slurped the last few drops of my chocolaty java and put the book back on the shelf. Yes, I know. I’m terrible. I should have bought it, but it solved my problem already and I didn’t see the harm. I grabbed my purse and out the door I went. I knew of a store just around the corner that would be my savior. I put the pedal to the metal and off I went.

I walked through the double glass doors and began to drool at the aisles and aisles of new beds. I just wanted to replace my full size mattress, but I had no way to figure out how I would choose. I went from bed to bed and did the nestle plunge on each. They all felt so soft and cushy. I just couldn’t decide. The salesman kept looking at me like I had put a few shots in my cappuccino, but I was just so excited about finally getting a good night’s sleep. He walked over, carefully, and asked if I needed any help.

It didn’t take long for him to help me pick out the perfect bed. I was elated to find out that they’d deliver it that night and help me set it up. I raced home and began to clean up my room for the delivery guys. A few hours later they showed up and began their thing. After they left and I made the bed, I stood there and smiled as I stared at my new beginning. That night after my shower, I climbed into bed and I swear I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. The next morning I woke up after the most sound sleep I could ever remember having. I will tell you right now that if it weren’t for that new full size mattress, I would probably have gone insane. I can honestly say that my back and neck is no longer sore and to treat myself to a day of fun, I went to the bookstore.

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