The advantages to having a flat screen computer monitor

flat screen computer monitorFlat screen computer monitors have sure taken the place of those old bulky computer monitors that would eat up desk space and weigh a ton. Nowadays the flat screen computer monitors are lightweight and provide a viewing experience that years ago people only dreamed of.

Many companies produce these flat screen computer monitors and some are stand alone and some can be mounted on a wall mount. They come in different sizes as well with configurations for better viewing and connections with other peripherals such as speakers, computers, USB connections and more. You can find that most manufacturers keep improving the line for lighter weight as well as resolution.

People who like gaming online use these monitors to connect with their gaming consoles such as their Sony PlayStations and Microsoft XBOX consoles. There are also people who need a large screen display to edit their photos and videos that smaller displays just can’t accommodate. This is an ease on the eyes that is much healthier and more efficient than the old monitors.

Another advantage of the flat screen computer monitor is that people who do work at home or at the office can easily see what they’re doing without straining the eyes. This adds to more efficiency and productivity and saves office desk space as well. For the person doing study at home like career boosting classes or even the kids who do their homework, a flat screen computer monitor can make life and study much easier.

Some flat screen computer monitors are so advanced that they have the new touch screen options. This enables that hand on usage to move objects, re-sizes things and more controls. The newest technologies are geared for the best optimum viewing and application which makes these monitors so favored.

You have some that are 15” diagonal on up to huge sizes such as 24” and more. They use several types of displays such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or TFT (Thin-Film Transistor). However, on the horizon you’ve got the new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) monitors are due to hit the stores this year but costs quite a bit. In addition the customer should look at the aspect ratio of the monitors. That has changed over the years as entertainment applications like gaming and movies called for it. Also, the new educational courses online take greater advantage of the new dimensions. Nowadays it’s that 16:9 aspect ratio. Now with High Definition the standard and an increase in resolution make these flat screen computer monitors more appealing. You’ll find that 1920×1080 is the choice of the gamer as well as those watching movies and doing course room and job opportunities.

There are also energy efficiency options such as power saving modes, dimming and more. As mentioned earlier, the use of peripherals to connect your monitor to other devices is a well needed series of options. Your cameras, handhelds, speakers, microphones and USB options make for the monitors to use their built in microprocessors to handle greater usage

The list of manufacturers of these flat screen computer monitors is many. You will find that companies such as Acer, AOC, Apple Inc., Asus, Belinea, BenQ, Chimei, Dell, Eizo, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, HannStar Display Corporation, IBM, Liyama Corporation, Kogan Technologies, LG, NEC, Philips, Planar Systems, Samsung, Sceptre Incorporate, Sony, Toshiba, Tyco Electronics, ViewSonic, Wortmann, Zalman and several up and coming companies hoping to move in on the lucrative trade. These companies are battling it out to provide the best resolution as well as the processing so that users can get that special entertainment and viewing experience.

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