Story of the Christmas crafts that are nowadays used for different practices

Christmas craftsIt is a tradition that when Christmas comes closer to us, we will find a Christmas tree and start decorating our whole house with the Christmas crafts. It is always such an excitement when we install the Christmas tree, put all the decorations on it and all over the house. However, the funny thing is we actually use these decorations not only during Christmas, but also during other events or sometimes even during an ordinary day. We never really do decorate our house before we know what is Christmas, and somehow we get affected and we still decorate our house during other events with almost the same decorations!
New Year comes in less than a week right after the Christmas. And it is not a secret that the decorations we use for the Christmas are basically the same as the ones we use for the New Year Eve. Maybe the only thing that we change is the banners. If we said “Merry Christmas” a week ago, now our banners say “Happy New Year”. Yes, it is a funny fact, but we do use the same Christmas crafts for the New Year Eve and most if the time, we just do not remove the old decorations until the New Year party is over.
Another time these crafts are being used is it during children parties. Let us say, during the kindergarten graduations. Isn’t that true? What we use for our children’s parties are actually the same crafts we use for Christmas. All the fliers, cut-out papers have all originated from the Christmas. Let us say express our gratitude to the things that Christmas has brought to us.
And of course birthdays! Do you remember last time when you had a birthday party and all of your friends made a surprise party for you? Can you remember the cap that they made you wear, can you remember the decorations they put on the wall? Yes, you are right again, we have been using the same crafts here again. Christmas traditions have tremendously affected our lives.
In conclusion, what is the common thing that happened among all these stuff? During all of these events we have experienced happiness and joy. Birthdays, parties, etc. are when we are having fun and enjoying ourselves. And when we have these Christmas crafts around us again and again throughout the year, our parties become more joyous. Who knows, maybe the people who came up with an idea to celebrate all these parties were just having another excuse to experience the joy of Christmas!

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