Steps for an easy way of how to install laminate flooring

install laminate flooringDon’t like your flooring or it is too old already, and you wish to change to laminate floor without spending any money and you want to do it on your own, then there is excellent step by step explanation on how to install laminate flooring.
First let’s define laminate flooring. It is synthetic flooring material which was fused together with lamination process. Basically lamination is the process where the hard plastic or fiberglass is forced to core object. They are classified as high pressure lamination and low pressure lamination. For the lamination flooring it can be said that the inner core layer is mostly made of melamine resin and fiber board material. Usually laminate flooring feigns wood under protective layer. Laminate flooring has many of its types which are depending on how it was processed, or how one needs to be installed. Also you can choose the one that will match with you room or house or even the furniture.
First 3 things you need to make sure before installation are: laminate flooring should be left in unopened boxes two days before, concrete or subfloor should be flat and conduction in moisture test will be needed.
The very first thing on how to install laminate flooring is removing the glued wood floor or carpeting from the concrete wall. For the not glued wood floor there is no need in removal. Then the floor should be cleaned and dried. You may need to remove the base molding using pry hammer. You may need to remove the baseboards as well if it is how you want it.
Before installing laminate flooring the concrete floor must be laid down vacuum barrier from the longest wall of the room. You will need to go with direction of manufacturer in joining two sheets of barrier together. The variety of ways may be given.
Place the flooring smoothly up against the door jambs which should be flatly laid on the subfloor. It is needed for to mark the jambs so you would be able to put flooring that will be slide underneath the jambs. The jambs should be cut by using the saw so it will be parallel to the subfloor. It is needed so you won’t cut the entire jamb.
The first plank should be laid parallel to the longest wall. You might want to start from left corner of the room. The first plank with groove should be installed toward the wall. Also you will need to put the ½” spacers between the plank and wall, and push the planks against it. It is done so planks expansion and contraction will not ruin whole flooring, basically for no wraps to occur. Later on you will cover the gaps with the base moldings. The spaces should be placed between the plank and the wall and put each spacer every 30 cm along the wall. You should make sure that the last plank in the row is same length with the first one. Also you will need the last row of planks be exactly equal width with first row.
Make sure planks between each other you laid will have no spaces and will be tight. Arrange the joint while placing the subsequent plank. You will need to offset planks to 13-17 cm starting new row, so planks won’t be row to row exactly same. Otherwise it can weaken the floor plus just it won’t provide such a nice look. Also it will be better if you install the planks parallel to incoming sunlight.
The very last plank should be neatly trimmed against the spacer. To do it correctly you will need to put the last plank directly over the previous one and slide the top one until it fits evenly spacer along the wall. Draw the line along the edge of above plank from below one. It will mark the width of the space between last plank and wall.
You will need to install thresholds between the planks ending and opening of the door. You will need to choose the one that will exactly sit tight and fit because the thresholds come in variety types. The very last thing to would be removal of spacer between the pranks and the walls, and filling the gaps with the base molding. And that’s it about how to install laminate flooring.

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