Star wars posters original – your favorite heroes on high quality posters

Star wars posters originalStar Wars is the series of epic movies where all the actions take place in space. These series of legendary movies were produced by American producer George Lucas. The history of Star Wars started on 25-th of May in 1977 when the first part was produced by 20th Century Fox and released for public view. After that other parts were released with 3-years interval. The last episode was produced on May 19 in 2005.
This legendary movie has conquered the whole world with $4.41 billion of total revenue, which is the third highest income for movie series after Harry Potter and James Bond. Besides the incredible success in revenue, the series of Star Wars movies have also succeeded in the branch of franchising and media series release and also book and journals production. Among them one of the best selling products was Star Wars posters original. Star Wars posters original was depicting the heroes and the main scenes of movies. That’s why these posters have gained popularity so fast and became one of the most selling products of the Star Wars franchising campaign.
Star Wars posters original was available in different sizes and also was printed on different types of paper. The variation in sizes and paper types resulted in the fact that products were available for people with different amount of money. There were both cheap and expensive posters available. Star Wars posters original could be produced for millions of fans, for cinema posters, as well as for advertisement interests.
Sales analysis has showed that most of the posters, which were sold, were posters of a standard size. Until the present time Star Wars posters remain one of the most demanded products of Star Wars franchise. Now it has also become possible to purchase Star Wars poster original from the official website of the movie. There posters are available in different sizes and designs as well. The main advantage of purchasing posters online is that the payment can be done online and thus it will save your time.

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