Star Wars posters – high-quality image of the epic movie

Star Wars postersStar Wars is the legendary series of American movies with the main action, which takes place in space. This epic movie was created by the great producer George Lucas. The very first part of this legendary movie was released on 25-th of May in 1977. The original title was Star Wars. The producing company was 20th Century Fox. This movie has become famous in the whole world and the following series proved this fact and conferred this movie with rank of the legend. The following parts have been releasing with interval of three years. After sixteen years since the stunning event release of the movie’s trilogy, the new trilogy of films was again released. The period of release of subsequent series was still maintained with the interval of three years. The final part was released on the 19-th of May 19 in 2005.
The special economical agency has calculated the overall revenue obtained after the six series of Star Wars films. The revenue has reached approximately $4.41 billion. This result is the third highest income, which was obtained by the movie series. The first two places are owned by the Harry Potter series films and also James Bond movie series.
The Star Wars film series has also conquered other branches of media. Among them there are books, series on television, computer games and also comic journals and books. All these branches of the film trilogies have created the Star Wars Universe, which has expanded very widely and have concluded in the massive development of the film in the movies’ industry. Star Wars franchise was announced as one of the most successful and profitable franchising business in the industry. The year 2008 was marked with the epic appearance of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was the first Star Wars film, which was out of the main movies trilogy.
The history of the legendary film series started on 25-th of May, 1977, when Star Wars were first released to the public in the cinema. This epic appearance has continued and soon two sequels have faced the world: The Empire Strikes Back, which appeared on 21-th of May in 1980, and Return of the Jedi, which appeared on 25-th of May in 1983.
These legendary film series has become so popular that the franchising business was doomed to be successful. The franchise itself consisted of T-shirts, toys, souvenirs, masks, clothes, Star Wars posters and many others. This franchise has earned millions of dollars to the producing company. The most popular products were T-shirts and posters, as any fan of this amazing movie wanted Star Wars poster or T-shirt for him. Franchising companies have understood this and started applying additional efforts in the branches of T-shirts and posters production.
Star Wars posters were produced on different types of poster papers and had a substantial variation in sizes, designs and quality. Star Wars posters could come in form of banner of a very big size, which could be posted on the cinema’s post walls for advertisement, or also in a form of a standard poster of a medium size, which could be posted on the house walls, or else in form of small posters, which could be used as post cards.
The variation of printing paper has also played an important role in production and distribution of Star Wars posters. It was depending on the public that these posters were intended for. Like this, Star Wars posters could come in the form of high-quality posters, which were available for the limited public and also with the acceptable quality, which was available for the wider public, such as fans and others.
Nowadays Star Wars is still maintaining its status of the Film-legend. Hereby all the franchising products are still available for customers. Now it has also become possible to order the franchising products online, by using the official websites, so that all the fans can easily get Star Wars posters, T-shirts and other products very easy. Official websites contain the wide list of products with the detailed description of each of them. The delivery service is also working, so that all the purchased products can be easily shipped or delivered to the stated location of the customer.

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