Sheet metal tools come in many varieties and can do amazing things

Sheet metal toolsSheet metal tools are used to cut or shape the material into whatever you want it to be. There’s an amazing variety of devices and tools used for this task and they can cost you anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars depending your needs and purpose in using them. Are you working on a big construction site or just doing something around the house? Are you running a business or just looking to put together some homemade sheet metal tools to get a quick job done. There are many choices available to you.

Let’s start with the small stuff. If you’re just working around the house and you want sheet metal and cutting tools you can buy something handheld at any hardware store. If you look online you’ll find maybe hundreds of choices for cutting sheet metal and they’re all pretty cheap. Mostly you’ll pay less than $30 but if you go for something more expensive you’ll likely find that it’s higher quality. That’s usually how these things work. The more you pay the better you get. You want to avoid going for something too cheap because inevitably you’ll have trouble cutting the sheet metal. The tool will stick, your fingers might get crushed, you could cut yourself, etc. It’s not like working with sheet metal is the most harmless thing in the world so you should take care.

If you want to try and put together homemade sheet metal tools you probably shouldn’t. Everyone wants to save money, particularly in a down economy where jobs are scarce, but it’s pretty hard to rig up sheet metal and cutting tools on your own. You could grab a pair of scissors that are really heavy duty or something meant for cutting tree branches and gets the job done, in all likelihood, but it’s going to be sloppy when compared to real sheet metal hand tools. Plus, if you’re doing a big job then you really need to skip out on that.

There are two worlds of sheet metal tools. There’s the stuff guys use at home when they’re doing a simple project around the house and there’s the incredible sheet metal machinery used for industrial projects, home building, etc. This is the big stuff and there’s no chance to do something homemade in this arena. Something like the 121 ton Stamtec Hyrdaulic Gap Press is enormous, needs a truck to be moved, and costs a fortune. That’s if you’re using sheet metal tools for some serious business and you have tons of money to spend.

There’s a real thrill in using something like that though. You obviously need proper training so you don’t ruin the machine or kill yourself but when you’re working with sheet metal bending tools or machines that can form the sheet into something amazing you’re going to feel powerful. It’s like you’re the hand of God working this metal into whatever you want it to be. You bend it, shape it, and turn it from a sheet into a shape.

The used sheet metal tools market is vibrant, as you’d expect. Anytime you’re dealing with machines and tools that are so expensive there’s going to be a secondary market. First, if you buy expensive sheet metal tools you’re going to try and get some of that money back when you’re done with them. That’s why you’d sell. If you’re in the market for used sheet metal tools then you’re probably smart because there’s no reason to shell out big bucks for something new. Unless you have major funding and you’re not really worried about money you should go for something used. When buying, make sure that you actually see the machine if at all possible. Bring someone that knows how to work it and can look it over for faults, etc. Then you can buy your new sheet metal tools and get down to business.

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