Sheet metal forming tools – construction and tools description

Sheet metal forming toolsSheet metal represents metal plate, which were forged into thin, flat parts. Sheet metal is the basic type of metal, which is used for metalworking. Advantage of sheet metal is that it can be bent and cut in to pieces, without any problems and therefore this is the reason why there so many sheet metal forming tools. The main feature, according to which sheet metal forming tools vary, is thicknesses. There are metal sheets of different thicknesses and hereby there are metal foils in case, if the thickness is too thin, metal plates, if thickness is more than 0.25 inches and many others types. The main types of metal, which are used for metal working, are steel, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, nickel, tin and others. Thickness of metal sheets is also called gauge and gauge varies between 30 and 8. The rule is simple – the thinner the metal, the bigger the gauge number. So in order to process metal sheets in a certain shape, there are special sheet metal forming tools.
For example, coils are made by passing a metal sheet through the roll slitter. Another widespread way of processing metal sheets is bending. It is a process, during which metal sheets are bended and transformed into other shapes, like V-shape, channel shape or U-shape and many others. Tools used for bending are box brakes, pan brakes and also break presses another way of processing metal sheets is curling. It is a process, during which the sheet of metal are transformed into a hollow ring. This process is accomplished with the help of flare, burr and die.
Metal sheets application covers a wide range of products and can be applied in bodies of cars, wings of airplanes, roofs and various other places. If you are interested in any further information, you can also get it from special books, which are devoted to this topic. There a lot of them in libraries. Another very useful source of information is internet. There are a lot of articles and web pages devoted to sheet metal forming tools.

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