Properties of both the industrial French fry cutter and home one with uses in society

French fry cutter If you are enjoying French fries in restaurants but you can make them at your home or you are too lazy to cut the potatoes to slices. Either you can buy extra French fries and simply purchase industrial French fry cutter.
The industrial French fry cutter is kitchen tool for slicing and dicing the potatoes. You will be able quickly and easily to cut the potatoes to all favorite French fries with varying length and widths. It can be small compact for home use, or big industrial for larger scale of numbers of fries.
The prices of French fries cutter varies with its quality. Their quality is usually based on the material they are made of. As you may notice the potatoes are not exactly the soft vegetable. You will face the problem to cut it with plastic or soft metal such as aluminum or copper. The main factor in the quality is its blade grate which can come with different properties. It is advised to for the blade hard metal such as stainless steel and must be sharp. Otherwise when you will push the potato the potato will basically crush. Different types of grates may come with good product, but there is only one grate for the cheapest one. You should watch for qualities mentioned above both for home French fry cutter and industrial French fry cutter. The simplest home French fry cutter may sit upright or lay aside. The upright one will be handier since you should push the potato.
The industrial French fry cutter will be more expensive than home one, because with industrial one you can make a lot of numbers of French fries. It will not be enough to use French fry cutter for home in order to prepare the fries for whole restaurant. French fry cutters can be either manual or automotive. Home use one is usually is manual. But industrial French fry cutters are automotive usually. There are some of the fast food restaurants and regular restaurants using industrial one.
For conclusion it can be said that the sharpness of the blades and metal they made of are two most the most important aspects of the both industrial French fry cutter and home one.

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