Prolong life of your bike with motorcycle air filters

motorcycle air filtersHaving your own personal motorcycle is like having wings on your back, that help you feel the freedom of wind and air blowing into your face during a fast ride. You might be driving motorcycle in city places, outside the cities in a country side, off-road places with high density of dust and dirt. But regardless of your driving area you motorcycle always gets dust and dirt inside of its engine while riding or wind blowing on it. That is why motorcycle air filters were made, to protect your bike from having lowered performance. Due to being under such high negative influence and playing vital role in motorcycle’s life air filters need to be taken care from time to time, cleaning air filters or replacing them with new ones. Even motorcycle producer do advice doing it in their user manuals.
As cleaner your air filter is that higher is performance and power will be delivered by your motorcycle back to you while driving it. Please be informed if the you have got clogged filter then air flow into your engine will be reduced, meaning that fuel coming into the engine can’t be efficiently burned so that lowers performance of the two-wheeled vehicle. Please floor next five steps to clean your motorcycle air filters.
Firstly you need to remove the air filter from inside your bike, to know the proper location of the air filter you better get use of manual given together with motorcycle while purchase if you don’t have the manual you can always search in the internet. When you will get the air filter in your hands, there will be some oil on a sponge filters make sure that you remove oil from it and won’t be leaving sponge filters soaked inside of the oil when proceeding with following steps or else your engine wouldn’t be able to get needed amount of air.
Next important step is to clean foam filter using special mean made for cleaning filters. After starting doing it, start wringing it carefully or else it will be damaged and you will need to purchase new one. Taking care consistently about the foam filter will always benefit you.
Make sure to get filter oil of a high quality and drown your air filter inside of it, leaving for some short time for 30 seconds or one minute would be perfectly enough. Then take it out from there and squeeze out all extra oil accumulated in it. Try to not use oil of unknown brand, it’s recommended that you contact your bike manufacturer and consult with them about what oil to use. Oil that is down the drain and also filter cleaners can’t be used for flushing.
After soaking off excessive oil from your motorcycle air filters, make sure to leave it on a clean place for about ten minutes, so the air filter can dry.
And lastly, place your filter back into your back and enjoy higher engine power and better performance due to cleaning motorcycle air filters.
In some cases motorcycle air filters get out of order and can’t be serviced or cleaned. That’s why you can go for new filters available in stores, manufacturer’s outlets, or online shops. When you are trying to purchase new air filter for your bike don’t be shy to ask question from the seller regarding installing or changing old filter, or any other questions that you are interested in because filters can be of a various types. For instance some of them are 39 mm air filters made of chrome, while others are devoted for custom models only such as Harley Davidson motorcycles, some of air filters are universal and can be placed inside of many motorcycle models, some of the air filters can be washed and reused. And some manufacturers also can provide 2 years long warrantee for their product, and some can limit it by one-to-one exchange in duration of one month only. But no matter what all motorcycle air filters are designed for enhancing acceleration and increasing horsepower of your two-wheel vehicle, so it can fly like an eagle cutting the wind and flowing air.

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