Printable graph paper – ease and comfort of plotting

Printable graph paperPrintable graph paper, or known also as grid paper is a square net, which is printed on the paper and allows plotting graphs on it easily. Graph papers are widely applicable in many different branches and aspects of life. Printable graph papers are used by students, scientists and kids as well.
The size of square net varies from 1 line per 1 inch until 16 lines per 1 inch. The size also varies with the size of the paper, which it is printed on. According to the spacing values, printable graph papers can be in form of isometric, Cartesian, logarithmic, semi-log, standard graph papers and many others.
Isometric type of graph papers is used in scientific branch, while standard type (0.25 inch grids) is widely used by students. Graph papers with 0.5 inch grid can be used by children for drawing.
Cartesian grid graphing paper is used to plot graphs of functions, which use Cartesian coordinates. This system has been used by many scientists since the beginning of 17th century and until present days. Cartesian grid papers have gained its popularity very fast, because of simplicity. Cartesian graph papers are mostly used for plotting of three-dimensional graphs. With all the previously listed features it is reasonable to conclude that Cartesian graph papers have found its application in education and science. This type of graph papers is mostly used by mathematicians, physicists, other scientists and also engineers. The basic principle of this graph paper is that it uses the Cartesian coordinate system. This type of coordinate system consists of points in one plane and uses two digital coordinates, which represent differences between a point and two perpendicular lines. Cartesian graph papers belong to the mathematical branch and are required in order to perform some mathematical calculations of various functions on the grid paper with Cartesian coordinate system.
Logarithmic graph papers are also very widely and frequently used in scientific field, mostly in mathematics, physics and others. The basic principle of logarithmic graph paper is that the grid is logarithmic for both axes.
Semi-Log graph papers consist of the linear grid along one of the axes and logarithmic grid along another axis. It is possible to have logarithmic grid either in vertical or in horizontal axes.
Printable graph papers can also come in different shapes, depending on the branch of science, for which they are used. Graph papers can have standard rectangular shape, polar shape or triangular shape. Triangular shaper graph papers are widely used by geologists.
Since printable graph papers are so well-known and widely used by people with different backgrounds, then they are constantly available in stationery stores. Nowadays it has also become possible to find the desired graph papers online, by subscribing the website and downloading them from there in pdf format. Later this pdf document can be easily printed out and you will get your graph paper. It is also possible to download the templates in the Microsoft Word/Excel format. It is also possible to find templates, which are uploaded to the website page and are available for free downloading. These templates provide a long list of various printable graph papers, so that any customer can easily find the desirable format or design and purchase it online, order or buy form the local stationery store.
The policy of websites with free templates of printable graph papers allow the downloading on the condition that the downloaded file will not be posted after that in any other websites, as provided graph papers are under copyrights and trademarks of the website. It is also prohibited to republish or distribute the downloaded material. Besides that, all templates, designs and other types of materials are also under the website copyrights. All the rules are listed in the website. Any violation of the listed rules will not be tolerated and relevant actions will be taken. According to the listed rules and regulations of these websites, all templates, files and materials are available for personal use only.

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