Pedigree dog food – perfect way to take care of your dog

Pedigree dog foodPedigree dog food was founded in 1934. This company evolved from Mars Confections. Initially Mars has bought Chappel Brothers Company, which was specializing in dog food. Chappel Brothers were specializing in dog food in form of meat, which they were putting in metallic cans. This product was decided to call “Chappie”. Unfortunately, at that time Chappie wasn’t so successful and profitable, because of the incompatibility with people’s consumption level at that time. Besides that company had to face different problems during the World War II. At that time all metal was intended for production in military purposes and therefore the production of metallic cans was very slow. But company managed to survive those difficult times and nowadays Pedigree is a part of Mars. The Pedigree Company has succeeded a lot in production of dog food and now has four different types of food products for pets. They are: Pedigree, Kitekat, Whiskas and Pal.
There are a lot of different controversies and issues related to ingredients, which are used in Pedigree. But overall in the end of the day Pedigree is still one of the most popular products of dog food.
The ingredients list is very long and includes in itself corn, different types of meat ,wheat, chicken, flour, rice and also different dried fruits, salt, NaCl (or potassium chloride), oil from vegetables and many others. Actually exactly these ingredients caused a lot of discussions. It was proposed that these ingredients bring harm to the pet’s health. But after the detailed studying it was disproved. In addition Pedigree dog food products contain various vitamins, such as B12, B1, D3, B2 and many others. With all that it is obvious that Pedigree dog food is a healthy product, which is advised for everyday use.
Pedigree dog food – is one of the best choices, if you are looking for meal for your pets. Pedigree Company has reached its success and is well-known around the world. Pedigree has got own website where any user can get the detailed information about the company, products that it sells and, wide list of various products for pets and also the detailed description of each of them. Besides that the official website has the support service, which is available in form of telephone support, as well as online support. These support services provide the maximum amount of information, which will help the confused customer to make the right decision. By using the website it is also possible to order the desired product and it will be delivered to the customer’s location.
Those customers, who don’t have an access to internet, still can purchase Pedigree dog food products. They still can purchase all these products in the local shops and supermarkets. There they can choose for the broad assortment of products the one that they need.
Currently Pedigree Company is elaborating new flavors of dog food, so that very soon shop counters will be filled with new types of products that will satisfy the taste and desires of the most demanding customers. Nowadays Pedigree has created dog food for dogs of different age. Each product contains proper ingredients, which are useful for dogs at a particular age. Hereby there is a special type of meal with special elements, which help dogs to stay healthy and will never make them feel hungry. Another advantage of choosing Pedigree dog food is that this particular product can help those dogs, which are suffering some sorts of stomach diseases. In other words Pedigree provides some sort of diet meals, which do not affect the internal organism of the dog.
The scientists and biologist of the Pedigree Company are constantly working and improving current products with new elements that will benefit pets at most and will be more efficient, so that the company will remain as the leading producer of food for dogs and other pets.
Pedigree’s present slogan is “We’re for dogs” and it shows, that Pedigree dog food is a perfect choice for your pets.

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