Olive garden coupons as a smart public diplomacy strategy by Olive Garden

Olive garden coupons It is well known in today’s aggressive market economy and marketing strategies that different companies, organizations, hotels, restaurants, implement different marketing and advertising strategies to attract more and more clients and customers to their services and by this way to generate income or simply to maintain the organizations position in the market. Some of the strategies vary from the places to places, and from the services one company provide. Let’s look through one of those very smart strategies. It is an olive garden coupons advertising strategy by famous Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden in the USA.
Olive garden restaurants are the restaurant chains in the USA which specializes in cooking different Italian food. These days Olive Garden has its restaurants in more than 700 locations all around the world. All these restaurants serve different variety of very well prepared and cooked Italian food like pasta, macaroni, pizza, steaks and salads. Few years ago the restaurant owners came up with a very smart public diplomacy strategy like “Olive Garden coupons”.
Olive Garden Coupons are basically small pieces of paper cards with the restaurants name on it. Possessing of these cards opens you a lot of discounts, free meals, family packages, kids’ packages in the restaurant chains of Olive Garden. Basically by spending some money on buying the coupon you can get more pluses in return. You can get Olive Garden Coupons everywhere, you can buy them online, or simply find them in one of those local newspapers, or even buy them during special promotion days at the restaurants. All these advantages around the coupons attract people attention and create a better image of the Olive Garden restaurant chain in society, as serves as a very good example of the restaurant’s public diplomacy strategy. This strategy sets a very cheap and affordable image of the food, and brings a lot of incomes to the owners.
Overall, the Olive Garden Coupons was a very good marketing strategy to attract more clients and customers and by this way generate more incomes to the restaurants pocket. Moreover the coupon creates a very good image of the restaurant among people by manipulating them by their discounts and free food packages.

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