How to use the rca remote codes for your universal remote control

universal remote controlMany times the remote control of our TV, VCR or Cable Box gets broken down. What we used to do in this case is to send our old remote control to technician and pay him to fix it. But thanks to the new universal remote controls, we now can just adjust the settings according to our device and then use it as we wish. Yet, it may not be the easiest task to do as there are so many different types of brands and products and it might become very tedious to find the right one for our device. Here is what we are going to discuss here: how to use the RCA remote codes for the universal remote controls.
To program your universal remote control, you can do it using the code lists or code search. Firstly, we are going to discuss on how to use the code search. You have to find a button that says code search. Thus, after turning your device on, hold the button and then press and release the device button you want to set up whether it is a TV, cable box or a VCR. After you see the selected device flash, you can release the code search button. After you have gone through these steps, just keep on pressing the on and off button repeatedly until your device switches off. If you have reached this point and your device responds to your remote control, you are already good to go.
if you are using the code lists to program your remote control using the RCA remote codes. Here you have to go through the same procedure as above until the device button flashes. After you reached this point you have to enter the special three-digit code that supports your brand. You can find the list that has all the codes online or from the manual that comes together with your universal remote control. Once you have already entered the code, you can release the code search button. Then just test your remote control for any other control, if it responds, you have already done your job.
Anyhow, your newly bought remote control might already have been programmed for your type of device. If you go through the instructions carefully, most probably you will find your brand of device already programmed inside the universal remote control and thus just choose the option for your device and all your problems will already be solved with no effort.
It is very simple to program your universal remote control using the RCA remote codes as most of the job has already been done for you beforehand. The only thing you need to do is to go through the detailed steps above and after you are done, you can just enjoy using your device to the fullest.

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