How to perform laminate flooring installation all by yourself

laminate flooring installation Having troubles installing your laminate flooring and do not want to seek any help for money? Then this article is just for you! Here we are going to give a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to go through all the steps in the laminate flooring installation. Before you start this project, make sure you leave the unopened cartons in the room in a horizontal position for at least two days as it is important for the flooring to acclimate. Your floor has been perfect flat, so before you start anything, check your floor by also conducting a moisture test. If you have gone through all the preparations, let us now start installing the floor.
First of all, measure the length and width of your cartons and also your floor, you have to make a perfect planning to make sure they match and so that you do not waste unnecessary parts of the boards. It is the best if you start from the left corner of your room and your cartons parallel to the incoming sunlight. First, finish one row, and trim or cut off the tongue of the planks depending which is one applicable. Make sure you install each carton at an angle and then press it down. This is important so that there will be no space in between your cartons.
When you finish each row and are about to install the last carton, do a perfect size check. Measure the length of the room and cut exactly how much you need, this one has to be a very accurate measure, and if you do not do it well, it can affect the whole row that you have been installing. When you are installing the last row, you have to do the same thing with the width of the cartons. Trim or cutoff the cartons to make a perfect fit to your room size.
A big challenge that comes across during the laminate flooring installation is w hen we have pipes, door or any other objects on the way. Here you better drill a hole inside the carton and make it just slightly larger than the pipe or a door itself. If you had any spoiled planks during the installation, just carry on to finish your row first and then only come back to the damaged plank. And just before you finish your job, make sure you trim any excess plastic sheets and remove spacers.
Laminate flooring installation is a very hard job, so if you have spoiled too many cartons along the way, it is always better if you stop and better call a person who has experience in installing the floor. If you just carry on installing the floor yourself, there is a big chance you will actually lose more money than when you could just hire a person to do all the job for you. Be smart, do not spend twice for the same product.

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