How to find the cheapest and useful phone among the cheap cricket phones

cheap cricket phonesIt happens to us so often those we our favorite cell phones get lost or broken down that we need to find a cheap replacement to it as fast as possible. And it is not a secret anymore that a used or a second-hand cell phone can break down just in a couple of days. Yes, it means that you lose the battle between you and the cell phones twice! Therefore, we are going to give you a guide on how to choose the right one among those cheap cricket phones.
First of all you need to decide whether the phone that you want has a number of extra features or if you need it just to make calls. You might end up choosing for example a wireless internet or a discount long distance rates when you actually won’t even use those. If you are not sure whether you want those extra features or not, just do not take them at first. The good thing about these phones is that you can always come back and sign up for the extra service if you really need them, so do not rush yourself if you aren’t confident if you want it or not.
Another good way to get a cheap and yet a good condition phone is to find somebody who is willing to sell his or her old phone just because they want to switch to a newer model. The good news about this one is that these owners mostly still have their phones at a perfect condition. So you can always be sure that you are buying a good product, plus you can even talk the owner into using their phone for a day or two before you want to buy it.
A good way to find a lot of options for the phone you are searching for is to look up in the internet. There are a number of websites where the owners of used phones upload their phone models and features with their price already stated. Out of hundreds of these phones you can find the one that you need and bear in mind that you can always bargain with the owner and get it for a cheaper price than already stated by him.
Nowadays there are so many of these cheap cricket phones all around us that it becomes harder and harder to find the right one. The golden rule is make sure you check this phone very well before you splash all of your money left in your pocket for it. There is a good chance that phone might not work after just few days, so make sure you get a warranty from the seller for at least a couple of weeks. The cricket phones are cheap in case you buy the right one only!

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