How to find the best among the laminate flooring brands of today

laminate flooring brands Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic product fused together through the lamination process. Laminate flooring consists of several wooden planks, which are brought together to give a beautiful view to your house. Advantages of laminate flooring over other types of floors is that it is more durable, it has a great appearance and uses less wood than other wooden floorings. However, not all the laminate flooring brands are the same, some possess a better quality than others. Here we are going to discuss on few tips on how to choose the best brand of laminate flooring at the shops.
Firstly, pay attention to the price of the flooring. It is true for laminate floorings that you pay more for a better product. The more expensive are the laminate flooring brands, the higher quality they posses. Also, you can check the quality of the floor by looking at the core number used for the flooring. The higher the core number, the stronger is the product, so again it is up to you to choose a better product. Same goes to the surface rating, the higher the surface rating the better is the quality. So before you buy it, plan your budget and buy as better quality product as possible for your own good.
Next, you can check how good the locking mechanism is. This is pretty simple to test and you can do it by yourself. Simply bring together two boards of the laminate flooring, lock them together and try to break them apart. The easier they break apart, the worse is the quality of the locking. Thus, if there is going to be a lot of movements on your future laminate floor, for instance, if you are making the flooring for a dance studio, you better choose a stronger locking mechanism.
Real wood has a rough grain on their surface. To check the floor for this one, you can check by simply running your finger across the surface of the flooring. A better quality wood has a rougher texture, thus, if you are searching for a more natural solution, try to find a rougher wood. However, if you are using the flooring for a dance studio like in previous example, you would probably prefer choosing one that is smoother.
Not all the laminate flooring brands are the same and not all the people want the same thing. Like in the previous example, even if a better quality wood is supposed to be rougher, some people still prefer a smoother texture of the floor surface depending on the purpose of the usage. Other people cannot afford a good quality product and they go for a cheaper solution. Thus, before you buy your laminate flooring, keep in mind what you are buying it for.

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