How the call center software steals the jobs from hundreds of Indian workers

call center softwareIn today Globalization era many and many Western countries are outsourcing their products manufacturing and other services to the undeveloped parts of the world. Outsourcing process has been started in the middle of XX-th century, when some American and British companies started outsourcing their subsidiary manufacturing countries to such countries like India and China. The main idea and reason for outsourcing was cheapest labor power in those developing countries, which in the end of the day brought a lot of profits to the Western companies. In this topic the call center software will be discussed.

In the middle of 1990th some mobile companies in the USA and different other mobile, phone countries began outsourcing their call centers to India. The reason for mobile service call center outsourcing was cheapest labor in India. Lets say, the average salary for the call center employer somewhere in the US would cost the company 10$ per hour. So in one month the average salary for the employer would be around $2500. But if a certain USA based mobile or phone company outsource its call centers somewhere in India, the company would pay its worker around $250, which ten times less than in America. So if the company has 1000 call center employers than you can understand how much cheaper it would be to make it in India. This process would bring a lot of incomes not only to the American company, but also to India’s very low income families. The families who earn less than $2 per day, having $250 per month would change things drastically, both in their family budget and to the whole India’s economy as well.

But recently some software engineers created new system “call center software”. So the call center process which in the past was done by human beings not is being done by the call center software. So the invention and its usage by many Western companies entailed the job looses in India, since the job now is being done by the call center software not by the human as before. This has brought a lot of negative effects to the whole call center outsourcing process and lead do unemployment rate in some developing countries. But for the companies, the call center software means not paying for the employers and by this way saving a lot of money.
Call center software steal the jobs from average low income families in developing counties, but brings a lot profits for the companies.

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