How can we get a free garage door repair all by ourselves

free garage door repair If your garage door has been damaged and you do not have enough cash to pay for it, here is a thorough description on how you can get your garage door repair by yourself. First thing you should do is to study about the garage door. A garage has two main components: the opener and the door itself. Here we are going to discuss a step-by-step approach on how to repair the door itself. The automatically moving up and down garage doors moves on a metal track and is supported by a spring. Here are the detailed steps on how to fix the problem.
First of all, you should check if there are any damages on the metal tracks or if they are well- supported on the wall. If the damages on the track are minor, just simply get rid of the problem by cleaning out any rust, or any other thing that might block the track from moving. To ease the movement of the garage door on the track, you can lubricate both the roller and the track that makes a path for your garage door. Also check if the metal tracks are properly aligned and are in phase with each other. If it is not possible to fix the problem, you may have to change the whole track.
Next, you have to check if there are any loose parts of the garage door. If the equipment is not properly mounted, the door can fall onto your car or even worse on you head! Make sure this does not happen as it can bring major damages to you and your car. Sometimes, the bolts might have just gone missing. In this case, go to a hardware store and get a new one with the proper size and replace it with the old one. Also, check for any rust on the garage door tracks, if any exist, clean up with proper cleaner to smooth the motion of the garage door.
And one last step for your garage door repair is to check the springs, you have to adjust the tension on them. If you pay a close attention, you will realize that the spring is hooked up into special holes, so if you find out that the spring is loose, just take the end of the spring out of that hole and put it into the next level hole. This is how you can adjust the tension on the spring of your garage door.
Most of the time it is very easy to perform a garage door repair, the steps required to perform to fix the problem is very simple. But if you figure out that the problem is more complex and is not in the garage door, but in the opener, then it is best to contact a mechanic to fix the problem for you as it can very dangerous if try to fix the opener by yourself.

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