High protein fruits – receipts that maintain health of your body

High protein fruitsIt is a well-known fact that health depends on what you eat. In matter of healthy food people have advanced quite a lot during the last decades. By now there are different diets and receipts, which can maintain your health at a desirable level. High protein fruits are one of them.
High protein fruits represent a family of fruits, which are rich in protein and by eating them you can easily keep the protein level in your body at a satisfying level.
Knowing what kind of high protein fruits are available for you and in what proportions you should eat them, you can stay healthy, fresh and cheerful. All the main proteins are contained solely in the fruits and vegetables as well. Besides that high protein fruits are effective alternative to meat and animal products. But of course it is most advised to maintain the balance between the amount of fruits, animal products and vegetables.
A very good example of high protein fruits is apple, which is rich in protein content and can be eaten even without cooking. 1 pound of apples contains protein in amount of approximately 0.55 g. Blueberries are also included in the high protein fruits list. 50 grams of blueberries contain approximately 0.50 g of protein. Apricot is also included in the list of fruits high in protein. 100 grams of raw apricots equals 0.49 g of protein.
Keep in mind that you still can get proteins even from dried, sliced, cleaned or cooked fruits as well, but its amount will be less rather than in raw fruits.
It is advised to consume fruits, because they maintain the health of your skin and hair as well. You can also improvise and cook salads of various mixed fruits. By making juices and milk shakes you can also get a certain amount of proteins.
If you are interested in other special receipts of cooking or consuming fruits, then there are lots of books and articles devoted to this topic and you can find them in local book stores or even in internet by visiting special websites. By getting relevant information from there you can balance your diet properly and will be able to keep the health of your body at a desirable level.

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