High cholesterol foods are the silent killer that can cause the death

High cholesterol foodsChoosing the right food is really important for our health. But we never take time to think before we decide to eat something. What across our mind when we choose the food is only about the taste of the food and how much the price of it. We never consider whether the food that we choose is actually harmful for our health or not. As long as it looks tasty and the price is fine then we choose it.
But, do you ever think that perhaps the delicious food that you eat everyday is actually a poison? Do you know that high cholesterol foods are the most delicious foods? And high cholesterol foods are actually a silent killer that can kill us anytime it wants? If you never think about it before, then start from now, you should be more careful in choosing the right food for you or perhaps for your lovely family.
The High cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, beef, cuttlefish, and many others can cause many kinds of diseases like hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Well, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat those High cholesterol foods but what it means is to control how often you eat those High cholesterol foods.
Most people think that only old people above 40 years old will have the high cholesterol problem, but actually this disease can attack anybody, even young people alike. And the worse thing is that most people thought only fat person who will have this illness. It is actually a wrong opinion. A thin and slim person also has the possibility of having these diseases. Why is it like that? It is because cholesterol is the content of fat inside the blood that not always followed by the excess of weight. So, even you have a slim and nice body, it doesn’t mean that you are away from high cholesterol problem.
But in case you still cannot manage not to eat those high cholesterol foods that often because you like them very much, then the thing that you can do is to balance it with doing some sports and take more vegetables and fruits such as apple, grape, blue berry, avocado and many more.
From now on, let’s change our life style for a better life, take time to choose the right food and have a happy and healthy life. Your life is your choice.

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