Freeze Dried Food industry

Freeze Dried FoodHave you ever wondered how spaghetti macaroni that you are about to have for your dinner is being processed? How come you can store it for months and it won’t decompose or decay? It is very handy in our daily life, so we owe to the freeze dried food industry.
Terms as lyophilisation and cryodesiccation can be used instead freeze- dried process. Basically freeze-dried is process of dehydration which is used to protect perishable materials from the decay. In this process the material first must frozen to certain temperature then the pressure outside should be reduced so water will vaporize up. In WWII it was first time actively used to transport serum.
The complete freeze-dried process classified into four stages which are: 1-Pretreatment, 2-Freezing, 3-Primary Drying and 4-Secondary Drying.
There are many application of freeze-drying such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology, technology industry and etc. But we will focus on the food dried industry.
Food dried industry basically preserves the food; and this will lead to the light weight product. Since 1960’s there over 400 types freeze dried have been produced by the freeze dried food industry. It ranges from types of dish to the vegetables. Most of the people start his or her day with coffee which is known as best freeze-dried product of the freeze dried industry. Foods which has high concentration of the water as water melon is poorly freeze-dried so that is why you don’t see them. The other example is astronaut’s food. One of the largest advantages is that it won’t decay easily and fast. Flavorings and essences add-ons for food are also widely produced.
In our daily life it is almost impossible imagine to live without the freeze-dried food. As I mentioned above, your breakfast coffee or tea then your freeze dried vegetables or fruits which you name as cereals are all types of freeze dried products. This kind of food is popular almost worldwide and each country has its own unique types of them. People living by the sea or ocean will have variety types of freeze fried fish. But you can find them in your local market or mall. Freeze dried food may have different types of cover; it can be in can, plastic or box. But you will probably want to make sure after purchasing the product to keep them in dry place because water or moisture may badly affect the product.
If you are about to purchase your emergency preparedness food it is advised to buy healthy and variety freeze dried foods. There are many types of meat and protein foods. You body will need the protein because of the stress. You can find lamb, beef and chicken, etc; also there are other assortments ass cheese, eggs are all freeze dried. And they can be stored up to 30 years. So you will probably want to make sure the expiry date before buying the specific product. There are some types which are pastas, grains, beans, meat and you can go so on.
One of the advantages is lightweight and that is why many hikers prefer it. Some of the snacks that we eat on the way to work or in short break are also goes to the topic. There are some worldwide famous companies such as Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, Rainy Day Dehydrated Food, Alpine Aire Gourmet Supreme Freeze Dried Foods, Richmoor Natural High, Super Spectrum and etc. Each of them is more popular than other in specific type.
Now you know the process of making the freeze dried food and also you know what they are or what role does it take in our daily life and also you know some of the companies. But you may be asking what equipments the companies use to produce them. Freeze drying is simply achieved simply the equipment named as freeze drier. There are 3 types of freeze driers which are the tray freeze drier, the rotary evaporator freeze drier and the manifold freeze drier.
For the conclusion it can be said that our daily hardly depends on the freeze dried industry and you being the customer should know what are you buying and how it is produced. The last but not least hint you should always watch for expiry date.

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