Find the best free school supplies and save money when school starts

best free school supplies Anyone with a family has to buy school supplies when August rolls around. The summer is coming to an end and the kids are about to go back to the place of learning to grow their brains, increase their knowledge, and become better people. Buying school supplies like notebooks, pens, pads, crayons, glue, and more can be a real bummer in the wallet area. That stuff is all pretty cheap but it adds up and then there are the really expensive items like calculators and sometimes laptops. It’s possible to get free school supplies if you know where to look for them and hopefully this article can help you out. If you can’t get them for free then at least you can get cheap school supplies to save some money and put it towards something more exciting, like a great family vacation or the next house payment if things are really tight for you.

The smallest school supplies are the easiest to get cheaply because stores use them to get you inside. A big box office store will offer school supplies for nothing because they want you to come in and look at their high markup items like computers, printers, office chairs, etc. If they give you a $2 notebook for nothing it’s worth it for the few customers that make them $1000 when they but a laptop. It’s also worth it because you’re going to want to go back to the place that provided the free school supplies to you when times were tough. When August hits and its time to stock up on school stuff you should start looking at online ads and the local papers. Most nationwide chains that sell that sort of stuff will be having some kind of sale. Even if they’re not giving the school supplies away for free they might be heavily discounting them to get you in the door and 75% off is almost as good as free.

Coupons are a great way to get school materials for cheap or free. You’ll often see buy one get one free deals. If you have two kids then you can easily go and grab two binders and only pay for one. That gives you free school goods. Other coupons will offer deep discounts on school stuff so you can get the biggest bargains possible. If you’re looking for the stuff that’s already cheap you don’t need to scour the coupons so much but if you’re going in for the expensive items then you really need to look for them at the cheapest price possible.

If you’ve raised children then you know that as they get older and move into middle school and high school that supplies get more expensive. Suddenly they don’t need a simple calculator but they need an advanced one for major math problems in calculus. It’s pretty hard to get free school supplies in those cases but you can always get a great couple that gives you the school provisions for a deep discount. If you can’t find coupons then you can look into used items. If they’ve been refurbished by the company they’re going to be reliable. If a student from the year before has graduated and no longer needs his calculator then you can buy it off of him. Maybe if your child has a friend they’d be willing to give the calculator for free, thereby giving you one more school supply that you didn’t have to pay for.

The biggest, most expensive school supply of all is a laptop computer. Unless someone gets crazy generous and gives you a laptop you’re not getting that school supply for free. Instead you’ll just have to shop for bargains. Once again, August tends to be the best time of year for that since everyone knows you need to buy this stuff and they want you coming to their place to make the purchase. That way you can get cheap school goods. The laptop is usually only needed for college but if your kid is in private school they might need it earlier. Try not to break the bank and bust your wallet wide open when you go for these expensive school materials. If you find a sale jump on it because chances are good you won’t find one as well as that again. Have fun out there!

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