Few suggestions for a unique wedding location and an unforgettable reception

unique wedding location Are you planning to get married soon and you do not want your wedding to be too conventional or standard? Then you might want to read through this short article in order to obtain some fresh ideas for a unique wedding location.
Traditionally, up to the fourth quadrant of the twentieth century weddings were conducted in churches, chapels, or cathedrals. But as people were getting less religious and thinking more out of the box they started coming up with absolutely new different ideas, coming up with unique wedding location, and these ideas are growing crazier every year.
So, if you want your wedding to be remembered by your families and, especially, friends for a very long time as being very extraordinary and original, the unique wedding location is the key factor contributing to the people’s memory.
Firstly, it depends on the number of guests. You can decide on how many people to invite based on the chosen location, but the smarter way to plan a wedding would be coming up with guests list and only then starting picking up the location. If you want a very small wedding, inviting only up to twenty close friends, then you could get married on a roof top of a skyscraper or any tall building. If you like nature then you could have your small wedding ceremony on a hill top, with food in the picnic style. Another good idea for the location of a very beautiful small wedding in natural environment would be picnic in a botanical garden. The landscapes in the botanical gardens are usually very well designed, and a splendid variety of beautiful flowers and plants will make your wedding very ‘green’ and colorful.
On the other hand, if you want more artistic environment for your wedding, then a historic or an artistic museum would be a great venue to marry at. You could have a buffet in the hallway for the guests and even your guests could browse through the exhibits and have a lot of topics to talk about. Having a wedding in a museum would guarantee you that you’re your guests would be very surprised, but not bored. Also, a very interesting venue as a unique wedding location is a planetarium but be aware that planetariums are very interesting places to go and you have a risk of losing your guests’ attention.

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