Do you really believe that the workers of the united airlines are lucky?

united airlines United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world in terms of the number of their employees and aircrafts. Now can you imagine how much work does its staff need to do to serve all the clients they face on everyday basis? Yes, in fact, there is really a lot of job to do. The thing here is that, people tend to think that working for large companies is being very lucky as they get paid more and have more comfort compared to small companies. This is not true, and we are going to compare it all with the airlines from United States.
Firstly, a big company has big standards. Thus, for the United Airlines to stay as one of the top airlines in the world they have to continue to give and improve the best service and quality. An aircraft engineer has to make sure that their planes are always in the best condition, a stewardess has to make sure she always pleases all the customers and so on. So long story short, you always have to give out your best when working for such a big airline company.
A staff of this company has a great deal to go through to make sure that they are showing the best work possible. Almost all the people prefer to work for bigger companies. Thus, being a current worker of a big company means you always have to deliver your best. When you are working for such a big company, you are always competing with the people inside and outside the company. Inside people want to secure their job that they are doing their best and outside people are just waiting for you to make a mistake and get your position.
It might sound that there should not be much problem and you can always do your best, but it is not. Can you imagine you have to do the same job every day? Yes, literally you will be repeating the same steps every single day and always make sure that everything is fine. This might become boring and you might want to have something different for a change. But a manager of this company is not going to let you switch positions unless you are a pro, which again requires a lot of effort!
In conclusion, people who work at a big company are not as lucky as it seems. They have to go through a tough life to hold on to their positions and it might not be the thing that you want the most. Most people who work there prefer to save money and then just switch to a job requiring less responsibility because the pressure at a big company is too much. Thus, before you choose your career path, think twice if you want to work for a big company such as United Airlines.

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