DIY magnetic generator – create your own tool of saving electricity

DIY magnetic generatorA lot of people in today’s world would like to lower their bills that they pay for electricity usage. But not all of them know that actually they can do it by themselves and transform their homes more efficient towards electric energy. The solution is simple – DIY magnetic generator. It means that anyone can build a magnetic generator of power. It can help you to decrease or absolutely remove your electric energy bills. Mostly it is very useful for those, who are going to have a big house. In this case they would need unless big DIY magnetic generator that can supply the whole house with required energy.
If you start creating a DIY magnetic generator of power at home, then for sure you will eliminate all your energy bills very soon. A lot of people have already stopped paying big amounts of money for their utility bills, because DIY magnetic generators are able to supply all the required energy. The application of magnetic power generator represents one of the most efficient ways of reducing the huge dependence on the energy that is being supplied by big energy companies.
The main principle of how magnetic generator works consists of a number of magnets, which are surrounding the outer part of the wheel. The opposing forces, which are produced by the North Pole and South Pole of the magnet, are forcing this wheel to start rotating. The rotation produces the energy.
If you connect the rotating wheel to a permanent DC generator, then the rotation energy is transformed into the mechanical energy of this motor and after that it is transformed into electrical energy. After that the produced electricity is being transferred to the battery, where it is being stored. So when you need the energy for some purposes, you can use the power from this battery. As you can see, the idea is very simple and easy to implement.

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