Discussing all the good and the bad about the magic bullet juicer

bullet juicerFresh juice is not only delicious to drink, but it is also very nutritious. If you drink just a glass of a fresh made juice, it can replace one full serving of fruits and vegetables for your organism. Most of the juice producers that claim their juice to be absolutely fresh are still not pure and contain chemicals. On other hand, to make fresh juice at home might be very expensive. Here we are to introduce you a breakthrough of today’s world, the magic bullet juicer. This juicer has its own pros and cons that we are going to discuss with you here.
Firstly, as already discussed, making fresh juice by your own might be very expensive as the juicers are a bit costly and might not be affordable to most of us. But with a magic bullet juicer, it is pretty much possible to have your own home-made fresh juice as it is much cheaper. This is the first and the main advantage of these juicers, they are special because they are very compact, can be carried around and are also inexpensive.
The small size of this juicer might scare you and you might think that it is not possible to make juice with it. We have to have a special approach for this one. Before we start making the juice, we have to cut the fruits into small bite-size pieces. This one we can count as a disadvantage as for a regular juicer, we do not have to go through this burden and can just start making the juice straight.
Another disadvantage of this juicer is that it is a bit complex to use it. Also, do not believe that it can last as long as it states in its description. The average life of these juicers is less than the advertised ones, so if you are going to buy one of these, prepare yourself that it can be spoiled very soon. If you have intentions to use this juicer for long, then you should use it very carefully, thus improving its lifetime.
Thanks to these juicers, now there is a quick, simple and cost effective way to enjoy fresh juice every day at your own home. A magic bullet juicer might not be the best option in the world, but it is still the best choice for the people who are searching for a less costly way of enjoying fresh home-made juice at their homes. But they are still very efficient and their prize makes these juicers better than the regular ones.

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