Disadvantages of getting a certicificate from online rn schools

online rn schoolsOnline RN schools, in short for online Registered Nursing Schools is a way of schooling yourself via special internet websites. It might be a good choice for people who do not have opportunities for studying in the real nursing schools. It is in fact a great advantage for these people, but let us be more realistic, would you prefer to be nursed by a person who got her degree online or from a normal nurse? Of course the answer will be the latter. Therefore, we are going to discuss few disadvantages of online schooling for nurses.
Firstly, the most important thing for a nurse is to get a proper practical, to get proper hands-on training. In medical schools there are special laboratory sessions where they have to treat a dead body. A lot of students cannot stand this stage of their education and end up needing a nurse for themselves. However, it is of a great importance to go through this, because if a nurse is scared of dead bodies or blood, she may never be able to treat patients at emergency situations. In this case, our online nurse is pretty much useless.
Secondly, even in the normal situations, people who got their education from online RN schools might not be very helpful and are usually in a need for some time after they already started working and before they can treat a patient reliably. For example, it might look a pretty easy job, but giving an injection to a patient is not as easy as it seems and requires some practice. An online nurse cannot start taking responsibility over this so soon. Thus, it takes more time for an online nurse to go through orientation at your hospital.
Last but not least, studying online may never mean that the person is a responsible one. The test and quizzes the nurse has gone through might not be by herself and might have been cheated. Also, an online nurse can go through her studying anytime she wants, which means she does not practice going through everyday working or studying life. There is a good chance that your online nurse will have problems with punctuality and responsibility in the future.
In conclusion, it is always better if a nurse that serves you is the one who got hands-on education, definitely not the one who graduated from one of those online RN schools. Thus, before you want to get some education in nursing, you have got to think twice before you want to get your education online or in a real medical school.

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