Buy a king size bed frame and live the life of a king in bed

picture157One of the simplest yet most amazing luxuries a person can indulge in is a king size bed. To have all that room to sleep is incredible. Even if you’re used to snuggling up with your baby and you don’t mind a queen size bed you should still go for the king as long as you have the room. It feels so luxurious, even more so if you go with the California king, which is even wider. You’ll need a king size bed frame if you’re going to get a new mattress and box spring and there are choices to be made here. Just make sure that you go with the right one.

King size bed frame support is important. You can’t just lay your mattress and box spring on the ground. Well, you could, but that would be foolish. If you’re going for the huge bed then you’re going in for a little bit of luxury and you want to have the bed off the ground like an adult. It just feels better. For most people the biggest factor in a decision is going to be cost. What are you willing to pay for your king size bed frame? That will largely determine what you go with in the end.

The cheapest option is going to be a king size metal bed frame. It’s really basic and you can usually get one for $100. They lay on the ground with rubber bottoms on the legs (sometimes wheels) to keep the floor safe. There are typically lots of metal strips to support the box spring and mattress and it’s pretty ugly. You don’t get a king size metal bed frame if you’re in it for the aesthetic appeal. It’s really just a way to keep you off the ground so you can feel a little more like an adult, which we should all strive for in our lives.

If you want something that looks good then you should go for a wooden king size bed frame. Now that’s a beautiful thing. They come in hundreds of intricate looks from the simple stuff that’s fairly inexpensive to the more intricate stuff that will set you back but ultimately leave you with a big smile on your face because it looks so darn good. If you go in big on a wooden king size bed frame you can easily pay thousands of dollars, although the cheapest of them will run you less than $1000 so you can still be fiscally responsible while having a lovely bed to sleep in every night. Don’t underestimate how good you’ll feel when you walk into your bedroom and feel like it’s elegant and classy.

The king size canopy bed frame is likely the most expensive option out there and while it tends to appeal to women more than men the guys shouldn’t dismiss it outright (if you owned one as a bachelor women would probably think ill of you but if you own one with a girlfriend or wife it’s quite nice). A lot more wood is involved in a king size canopy bed frame and it can be more difficult to move in and move out but it sure does look good. It adds a sense of wonder and splendor to the bedroom, which is probably why it’s such a popular choice. If you use the curtains that come with it you’ll be crawling into your own personal fort every night and you’ll feel like a king.

There are many great choices when you’re in the market for a king size bed frame. You can go with the king size metal bed frame that comes cheap but looks like it. That’s the simple way to go if you don’t care about aesthetics at all and are just looking to save some money. If you want something a little more elegant and special then try the wooden king size bed frame. If you’re in the market you’ll have hundreds to choose from and they all look good. You can go with an oak wooden king size bed frame, a maple wooden king size wooden bed frame, a pine wooden king size bed frame, and several others. You can also go in for the canopy and really go all out. That’s a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

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