Bultaco motorcycles – high-speed legends of racing championships

Bultaco motorcyclesThe story of the Bultaco motorcycle company started around May in 1958. The founder of this company, Francisco “Paco” Bultó at that time held a position of the director of the motorcycle company, called Montesa. It was founded in 1944. In 1957 Montesa company has reached success in its growth and also was already performing well in road racing, so they decided to move to other types of equipment and larger products. Bultó at that time was the pushing force of racing competitions program and the technical part of the products was also lying under his responsibility. But unfortunately he didn’t get on well with the company’s managers and his ideas were not supported. Bultó couldn’t find common language with managers and decided end his career in Montesa and started embodying other business ideas.
The name of the company BULTACO originates from the first four letters of Mr. Bultó’s surname, while the last three letters are coming from his nickname, which is “Paco”. The official logo of the company is presented in the form of the “Thumbs up” symbol. The origin of this logo is coming from the racing event, during which Sr. Bultó saw as the racer from the British team David Whitworth was showing this sign to his pit crew in order to let them know that everything is going fine.
Even though the company currently is producing mostly motorcycles for usual roads and also for road racing, but the main objective of the company is the production of off-road motorcycles, motorcycles for motocross and other types of competitions.
In present time Bultaco company is being owned by Bruce Reynolds. Bruce started his racing career back in the beginning of 1970′s. At that time and until the present moment he is a rider, sponsored by Bultaco.
One of the most famous models, which have ever been produced by Bultaco is the Sherpa T. This particular motorcycle has made a revolution in the racing sport back in the 1960s. After the successful winning in several competitions of trials motorcycles this model has overtaken the British and Irish rivals and since then the popularity of it has rapidly grown up. At that time trials were very popular in Europe and over the USA, so this breakthrough has created a comfortable and efficient market for Bultaco in the following years and decades. Since that moment Bultaco motorcycles have conquered the World Trials Championship in the 1970s and won the main title eight times. Besides that Bultaco motorcycles have won four times the Scottish Trial Championship, which lasted for six days.
The premier model of Bultaco’s motorcycles, which was produced in the USA is the Pursang. It was one of the best models intended for racing competitions. It had a very nice handling and powerful engine 250 cc. Altogether these features made this model excellent for competition races. It was able to compete in different types of speed competitions, as well as off-road racing competitions. After such a stunning success it was decided to upgrade current models and expand the engine to 125cc, 360cc and 370cc.
There were also produced other models of Bultaco motorcycles, which were unless successful. They were the Sherpa T, which was considered as trials motorcycle, the Astro, which intended for flat track races and also the Matador, which was also considered as a trail bike. These models of Bultaco motorcycles have improved the performance of Bultaco team in specific kinds of racings.
In present days Bultaco still exists and is considered as the legend of motorcycle racing competitions. All the interested viewers can find Bultaco motorcycles online in the official website. This website provides a brief history of Bultaco motorcycles from old times, as well as the present history. Besides that the website also provides a list of Bultaco motorcycles models and each model has an overall description, as well as mechanical characteristics, which give a broad and clear view on each model and its specific features and advantages. The website also has means of contact, so that any user, who got interested in purchasing some of the models, can easily find and contact the local distributors or purchased model will be shipped and delivered directly to the point of customer’s location. For additional questions that might occur the website has a support service, where anyone can get the information of interest.

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