Build a homemade sheet metal brake or buy a used one

metal brakeA sheet metal brake allows you to work with sheet metal and bend it to your specifications. A simple version of it allows you to create simple bends and creases in the metal but if you want to do more complicated and intricate work you can upgrade to something more expensive and in depth and work the sheet metal into anything you want. The four basic types of sheet metal brakes are a cornice brake, a box and pan brake, a bar folder, and a press brake. With those four you can do almost anything with sheet metal.

If you’re in the market for one you have plenty of options to give you the sheet metal brake that will fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. There’s a significant supply of used sheet metal brakes online that you can buy with a credit card and have shipped to your business or house in just a few days time. That will be one heck of a shipping bill since they’re pretty heavy but if you don’t want to spend the time driving around it’s a good option. The problem with buying a used sheet metal brake is that you never know where it’s going to come from. You could be all over town looking at just a few of them and not find one that’s going to work for you. Of course, in this case it’s almost certainly cheaper to skip having it shipped to you and buy it local so you can pick it up with your truck and drive it home.

Instead of buying a used sheet metal brake you could opt instead to build one yourself. The more complicated the sheet metal work you need to do the more difficult this task is going to be but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. You can build your own sheet metal brake with free sheet metal brake plans and a little bit of ingenuity. As long as you’re good with your hands and you can follow directions you should be able to pull it off. If you’re already experienced with working with them then it will be even easier because you’ll have a good sense for how they’re supposed to look, how they’re supposed to come together, and how they’re supposed to work.

The first step is to find the sheet metal brake plans. As always, the internet is a great resource. You’ll find countless sites offering free videos with carefully laid out plans and a how to. You can find text plans. You can find diagrams. It’s really impressive, actually. People are really willing to help you build the sheet metal tool of your dreams. Learning how to build a sheet metal brake is almost certainly going to be a painstaking process and you shouldn’t bother if you don’t have patience. You need to be ready to make mistakes and to read in detail everything in the sheet metal brake plans. This isn’t really something you can throw together in a few hours while casually breezing through the directions. This is something you need to work at.

Once you’ve located your homemade sheet metal brake plans and you’ve studied them carefully you’re ready to go. You need buy all the recommended materials and make sure you have the tools on hand to put together your new tool. If you have someone to help you you’re in even better shape. No matter what kind of homemade sheet metal brake you’re going to build it’s always easier if someone is there to assist you.

If you have the money it’s probably easier just to buy a used sheet metal brake but that certainly doesn’t come with the sense of accomplishment that actually building one yourself does. Every time you look at the homemade sheet metal brake you’ll feel a sense of pride (at least as long as it works like it should). Consider that when coming up with your plan of action. If you want to feel good then go for it with the homemade version. You won’t regret it and even though it might take quite a bit of time it’s worth every second of it.

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