Article directory – a necessary tool for web site promotion and optimization!

acticle-directoryBeing interested in better life and functioning of your website you surely have already heard about article marketing.

Internet article marketing is a type of promotion and advertisement which performs the business advantages, best features, field of expertise and benefits of choosing its service and products in short articles published either on the business website itself or in article directories. This article will explain what an article directory is and what the advantages of article directory usage are.

In simple words an article directory is a website accumulating the articles on different subjects provided by different authors. Each article directory has its own terns and rules of accepting the articles for publishing into its database. The article should be of a certain length, free of grammar and stylistic mistakes and of course having some value for readers. Most article directories are equipped with powerful engines checking the articles to be highly unique (a unique article is a text created anew and never being published on any other web resource). In most aces spun articles are denied for publishing.

Links to other websites are allowed if put in relevant anchor texts. This option gives you a perfect chance to attract traffic to your website getting a back link from an authority site which directly affects the PageRank being one of the most important terms in life and web presence of your website. Besides such article directories are constantly crawled by searching engine bots (one of the most Google trusted is

As the searching engines develop, then the requirements for articles accepted to article directories become tougher. Now to publish an article in the article directory the text should have a length at least of 800-1200 words (meanwhile just in 2008 only 200-400 words were enough for a text to be admitted). The key words density should not be very high (up to 2-3%). The links amount stuffed in one article is also restricted and limited to 3 ones per articles.

The requirements of article directories develop with the search engine filters applied to websites and considering texts content of the websites. Posting quality articles to the article directory you get a better feedback from this authority website.

The mechanism of action is rather simple. The article directory is highly optimized and attracts great traffic. The more interesting and quality articles your links will be stuffed in the more visitors this article will attract and thus more visitors will be redirected to your website!

The modern web space offers a large amount of article directories different in traffic, authority and requirements for articles publishing. To greatly improve the results and efficiency of your website promotion using articles you can post articles to different article directories at once avoiding article spinning as spin technique usually producer medium to low quality articles which will not gain the attention of the reader as much as a true article written for an interested in the subject reader! However by posting spin articles you can surely try attracting visitors to your website with the help of one and the same article from several article directories.

Article directory is a perfect chance to increase the Pagerank of your website, get more pure traffic to your website and this benefit and prosper from your business in general. This method is often used by SEO optimizers as a backup means for getting stable performance of the optimization service and make your website trusted and recognized by searching engines and the web audience!

Choosing trusted article directories and creating high quality articles is a perfect strategy for your website promotion!

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