A short overview of black diamond stone and recommendations on its assessment

 black diamond stone Throughout the history of mankind, up until last century, women have been considered to be the weaker or fair sex. Nowadays, the power has shifted more towards women and still is. Today, women are not as fragile and silent as they used to be just a few hundred years ago. However, even today women have not lost their desire to attract men, probably, due to prime instincts of reproduction of these black diamond stones.
Mankind has created its own concept and standards of beauty which are not the same as in ancient times. Nevertheless, one accessory on women’s body was always considered fancy and expensive. Diamonds, have always been the most expensive and effective decoration, and could even symbolize power. But there is one jewel that is the most sacred dream of every woman – black diamond stone, being the rarest and the most expensive type of diamond, attracts wealthy people, like flies on jam.
As mentioned earlier, black diamond, or carbonados, is very rare in the world and can be found only in Brazil and Central African Republic. The actual color of the naturally formed black diamond stone usually looks more like dark grey, rather than pure black. These diamonds are less attractive. This rareness is what makes the diamonds of pure black color so expensive, though other colors, such as green, blue, or, even, violet, look more attractive. And as we know, the most important feature that attracts people is high price which makes everything attractive. Black diamond stone is really beautiful.
The price of black diamond, like of usual diamonds, depends on the following three criteria: clarity, color, and weight. The more the color of the stone is far from grey, the more expensive it is. Because, usually black diamond have a lot of impurities and porosity, high quality stones are much more expansive compared to other colors.
In the conclusion, we would like to advise you that if you want to invest money into a diamond, one of the best options would be purchasing a high quality, pure natural black diamond stone. There are several reasons in selecting this particular type of diamond, such as, its rarity, price, and acceptance in society. However, one must be aware of the synthetic black diamond that can be sold at a price of a natural one.

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