A quick guide on how to construct leaded glass panels yourself

leaded glass panels Do you own a beautiful house with high ceilings and have a pretty significant window space above your main entrance door? There is a good way to make your house and the porch look much more beautiful and friendly by adding leaded glass panels above your door or even to your front windows. In this short article you are going to be taught how to construct them.
First, you have to design the leaded glass panels by sketching it on paper and do not forget to use the correct scale, in other words, the proportions of your window’s dimensions must be exactly the same as on your drawing. Make sure that you do not have too many curvatures in the glass piece’s shapes, because it would be very hard to cut the glass afterwards.
Lead came is used in this method to hold the pieces of glass together. Lead is chosen out of all metals because it is soft enough to take the shape of the pieces of glass. So, the next step would be purchasing the lead came, that conventionally in its cross section looks like a capital letters “H” or “U”, and both types are used. “H” shaped lead came has a channel on each side to hold the glass, whilst “U” came has only one channel on one side. So, you should have purchased the glass sheets or at least chosen it prior to this step. Measure the thickness of the glass and make sure that the lead came’s channel suits it perfectly and glass would not be loose in it.
The next step is cutting the pieces of glass to follow your design. You can use normal colorless glass, or even stained glass for leaded glass panels especially if you want to place them above you main entrance door. You must follow all the safety procedures, wear personal protection, gloves when working with the glass. After you have prepared your glass pieces you can cut the lead came into pieces of needed length depending on your design. “U” lead came is used for your panels outline, whereas “H” came is used in the glass pieces interconnection.
And the last step is assembling the leaded glass panels. First assemble all pieces together laying them on a flat surface, such as a big table or clean floor, and placing the glass into the channels of the lead came. At the end you just need to solder the lead came joints using a soldering iron and applying soldering flux at the lead joints. After the lead cools down the panel is ready to be installed at the window or above your door.

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