A magnetic power generator can help you save money on your bills

magnetic power generator The idea of a magnetic power generator has been around for hundreds of years. Isaac Newton first came up with the notion of using magnets to generate power in the late 1600s and the notion has stuck around since then. Albert Einstein briefly considered it as well. It’s so appealing because it’s so much more efficient and cost-effective than other methods of generating power these days. Burning coal creates incredible amounts of pollution. The same can be said for burning oil as fuel. Nuclear power plants are cleaner but they come with a host of dangers, the most worrisome of which are nuclear meltdowns that can kill people in a variety of awful ways.

A magnetic power generator works by generating power through magnets, essentially. You need to feed the generator a little bit of fuel but that fuel can be converted into far more. In 1977 Bruce De Palma created something called the N-Machine, which was a power generator built with magnets. The machine generated 5 electrical power units for every 1 electrical power units that was input into it. That’s incredible! That would solve all power issues and drive down the cost of electricity like you wouldn’t believe. Sadly, his device proved impossible to replicate.

If you’re looking to build your own magnetic power generator then you need to know a few things about how they work. There are two basic parts to the generator. There’s the pulsed DC motor and the AC generator. Using the laws of physics and some handy technical know how you can combine these two parts into one to create the power generator. It’s not simple to build a magnetic power generator so if you don’t know anything about physics or how to put something like this together you should probably forget about it. You could very well injure yourself or just end up exceptionally frustrate when everything you try falls on its face because you really don’t know what the heck you’re doing. However, if you have some experience then you can try to build a magnetic power generator at home and see if you have any luck. Just imagine being able to power your household for so much cheaper. If you could put one of these together then that would be a realistic possibility.

There are magnetic power generator plans online but you’ll have to do a bit of tinkering. There are two companies that have applied for and been granted patents to magnetic power generators and they tend to go forward and produce them for the mass public. By 2015 it’s possible that you’ll see one of these on the market. You could buy it, put it in your home, and run your household off of it. Just imagine, if it was as efficient as the one Bruce De Palma built, you would pay one fifth the current power cost to run your house. The wave of the future could quite possibly be on our doorstep in no time at all, which is super cool.

A zero point magnetic power generator will someday be in the home of every family. You can build your own magnetic power generator or you can buy one from a company that will have them on store shelves before you know it. This is the future. As a world we consume a great deal of energy and we threaten to destroy the place we live by doing so. Well, if you could get your hands on a magnetic power generator for cheap you could do your part to preserve the Earth and everyone that lives on it. Just imagine the possibilities. Just think about the wonderful changes you could help to bring about. Just imagine what you would do with all the money you saved! It’s quite appealing, isn’t it?

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