A Magic Bullet blender makes great food in just ten seconds

Magic Bullet blender If you watch any late night TV then you’ve probably seen an advertisement or infomercial for the Magic Bullet blender. They call it a labor-saving device because it can cut and process food with ease and it’s so small and easy to clean that you’re not going to groan when you think about using it like you do with a food processor, which is hard to clean. It does almost any job in the kitchen in less than 10 seconds thanks to the specially designed blade that whips back and forth at high speed and creates a cyclone style look inside the blender.

The Magic Bullet blender is exceptionally versatile and is one of the rare products sold on TV that actually works really well and accomplishes everything it promises. When you buy one you get more than just a little food processor. It comes with a whole bunch of parts that are all useful and in no time at all you’ll know how to use it as a Magic Bullet juicer blender, a Magic Bullet drink mixer, a Magic Bullet food processor, and more.

First there’s the power base that you plug in. That’s what provides the back and forth motion that turns the blade into a high efficiency cutting tool. Then there are two Magic Bullet blades. The cross blade is for chopping and blending things like onions, cheese, meat, and frozen stuff. The flat blade is whipping cream and mousse and for grinding things like coffee beans and spices. They’re made from stainless steel and stay permanently sharp. If you use your Magic Bullet blender enough you’ll probably wear one of them out but you can find Magic Bullet blender replacement parts with ease and they’re cheap, too. They honestly don’t break all that often though.

In addition to the blade and power base you get the cups that will get most use. There’s a tall cup for blending just about anything, including juices and a variety of foods, and the short cup, which is great for making dips and other party foods. You put everything you want to blend into the cup and then attach is to the base. It starts automatically and it stops the same way. It senses when the food is properly blended and then lets you pull it off and eat up. You also get four Magic Bullet blender party mugs that you can use to make drinks, etc. There are also shaker and steamer tops so you can shake out cheese and spices or steam something in the microwave. There are re-sealable lids that make it easy to keep something you just blended in the fridge without it going bad.

Perhaps the most useful part of the Magic Bullet blender set is the recipe book. They provide you with a whole host of foods you can make in less than ten seconds. You’ll have to put them into the blender, of course, but you can actually whip up some good stuff in less than a minute. There are 100 pages of recipes along with tips and tricks on how to best use the blender to make your life better. If you ever find that you’re spending too much time in the kitchen and not enough time on the rest of your life then you might find this an exceptionally useful tool.

You also get the Magic Bullet express blender as a bonus item when you purchase. It’s about the size of a coffee cup it’s bigger than the Magic bullet so you can make larger portions. It features the same great design to ensure flawless blending. You also get the Magic Bullet juicer parts that make your little purchase into a juicer that is so effective it will blow your mind. Many people report that their favorite thing about the Magic Bullet is how easy it is to clean everything. It takes just seconds, unlike a food processor, which can take forever. That little change is more time saved for you.

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