A French fry cutter can make yummy foods for your whole family

French fry cutterA French fry cutter is the first step to making great French fries at home. You could take a knife to a potato and slice it up into thin strips but it never quite comes out right and it’s so much work that way that it really isn’t worth it. Even when a potato is at room temperature it can be pretty difficult to cut. Why take the risk of cutting yourself or messing it up when you can buy a French fry cutter for a fairly reasonable price and slice all the potatoes you want with no effort at all.

If you’ve ever been to In-N-Out burger (a very popular burger chain based mostly in California) then you’ve probably seen them using a stainless steel French fry cutter. Most fast food places open up a bag of frozen fries that have already been cut and drop them into the oil. This place cuts them fresh and it’s one of the coolest things you’ll ever see. They go through hundreds of potatoes in any given day and it never takes more than one quick motion from the worker to cut them up. That’s a commercial French fry cutter, of course, and the one you own probably wouldn’t have the same power but you’d still get the same great French fries for a fraction of the cost.

If you buy a French fry cutter then you also need something to cook those fries in. You could put them in a skillet or in the oven but they’re not going to be much good unless they’re cooked in hot oil. It’s a little dangerous cooking with hot oil since it can be volatile but that’s the only way to prepare French fries at home so if you’re going to commit to this you also want to buy something to cook them in. You fill it with oil, heat it up, and then drop the fries inside and listen to them pop and cook until they’re golden and delicious. It’s kind of a pain and it uses a ton of oil, which you would be wise to reuse if possible. There’s a reason that most people don’t cut and make their own fries at home though; it’s kind of a pain.

Still, don’t let that discourage you from the purchase of a stainless steel French fry cutter or a good electric French fry cutter (which you can use to cut down on the physical labor). The prices vary widely depending on what you need. If you want something really simple then you can pull a $20 from your wallet and be on your way. That will not typically give you great results though. That’s just super duper cheap. If you want something fantastic then it might cost $200. In all likelihood you can find exactly what you need to cut great French fries for roughly $100. If you want something cheaper then you can try a used French fry cutter.

The many different types of French fry cutters allow you to create different shapes. You should buy one based on the sort of French fry you like to eat. Do you want them really thin or do you like something thicker, like a steak fry? Do you want waffle cut French fries, which are a little harder to make, or do you want crinkle cut fries? Do you want something in the middle, thickness wise? That’s why shopping for a cutter online is actually kind of a pain. It’s difficult to see exactly what you’re going to get what you’re looking and you want a better impression. Ideally you could go somewhere, bring a bag of potatoes, and cut a bunch of them to see the perfect result. There are actually a few kitchen style mega stores that will allow that sort of thing.

If you’re buying a commercial French fry cutter then at some point you will need French fry cutter blades. The ones you have will wear out and get dull and therefore no longer be able to do their job. Get new blades and you’ll be good. Also, remember to be safe. It takes a sharp blade to cut into a potato with such efficiency and you don’t want to injure yourself. Be smart when cutting.

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