A broad fork garden tool for manually breaking the dense soil

broad fork garden toolIf you like your garden or enjoy gardening, or simply you want to work in farm, and you found out that soil is a hardpan. In order to resolve the problem, a broadfork garden tool will be introduced. First let’s give brief information about the tool.
Broadfork garden tool is being widely used in the gardening and farming. It is popularity is growing in Europe and USA. To manage water supplies and to increase the production in agricultural soils requires the drainage. Drainage is the process of removing natural removing of surface water area of the soil. Another process which is named as aeration is used for circulation of air in soil. And in order to improve drainage and aeration a broadfork garden tool is used. But mainly the broadfork garden tool is widely used in breaking up the hardpans, or simply hard dense soils.
In preparing for planting and adding of some amendments such as mulches, fertilizer and compost you need loosen soil. Simply a broadfork garden tool will come handy in particular work, without damaging the strata and fauna of the soil. Those things are providing the nutrient for soil. It is also very helpful in beets, potatoes, carrots harvesting.
There are usually 5 tines that tool is consist of. Each of them are separated a part from each other for couple centimeters on horizontal bar. And each tine is nearly twenty to thirty centimeters long. Special thing about it, to be two handles upward form horizontal bar to the shoulders. Basically you can put your whole wait on to it.
Usage of the broadfork garden tool is very simple. First you put the tool vertically to your body with tines down. Then you put your right leg to the right side and left leg to the left side. Your body weight will do the whole work for you. As tines are deep inside the soil you will push the handlers back and forth which will loosen the soil, without mixing or inverting the soil layers. Basically layers will be intact.
For conclusion the a broadfork garden tool will loosen your soil, aerate it, and allow better drainage, without mixing soil layers and without ruining strata of the soil.

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